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  1. Correct path to Copy&paste would be %LocalAppData%\DDS\Saved\SaveGames
  2. As of now, all Achievments are obtainable. https://steamdb.info/app/1101190/stats/ Which one you're missing? lemme guess. Baby Steps? Just die in Tutorial...
  3. This is the Discussion section of this "nearly abbadoned" Forum, in Order to make a Bug report Follow this -> https://discord.com/channels/98499414632448000/745489522476974191/745718783070568458
  4. Aren't those, which are present, enough? 1440p here too - i am playing at 1080p window + PIP next to it sometimes i even play in Borderless Fullscreen + PIP "in it" mostly while long lasting "boring" survival waves (i am not able to play that mode with those Siren/witches, so everything else before that is kinda boring) the config File is located at " %LOCALAPPDATA%\DDS\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor " -> GameUserSettings.ini at the End (use notepadd++ for better view)
  5. Why should they come back to a sinking ship? They got "our" Money. But to be fair; there is Covid still going on, some political BS in the US and A and their Working Rooms got flooded... + personal Stuff each Member of "Trendy" / "Chromatic Games" (or whatever they are calling themself nowadays) are carrying around, like we all... For me, i am done with the Dungeon Defenders franchise. i have around 4000 hours(afk time incl. :-P), which isn't that much spreaded over the years, in DD1(pc and old xbox)+DD2+DDE and backed(kickstarter) DDA for ~100$ (still wai
  6. Take a look at your BackerKit , there should be some new Codes, if not contact the Support the usually way
  7. Just dropped recently in play at Summit NMHC -
  8. Öffne das Spiel, geh in die Taverne und öffne die Optionen/Gameplay - dort kannst du die Sprache ändern. Alternativ via Texteditor in der GameUserSettings.ini den Eintrag "Language=xx" auf "Language=en", ggf auch die "Locale=xx" auf "Locale=en" ändern. Die Datei findest du unter folgendem Pfad: %LOCALAPPDATA%\DDS\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Kopiere und füge dies im Dateiexplorer deiner Wahl ein und du bist direkt im richtigen Ordner, entsprechende Rechte vorrausgesetzt. Für das nächste mal, wäre es, respekteshalber, nett, wenn du gescheit Schreiben könntest. E
  9. Just rename the Movie folder to MovieBAK to get rid of all those annoying Videos. Which are, dont get me wrong, nice... the first and second time... maybe even the third time... but after doing a Boss Map again and again its quiet annoying that we have to handle unskipable Cutscenes over and over
  10. https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/168214-help-with-transfer-tool/?tab=comments#comment-1561077
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2118970080 https://wiki.dungeondefenders.com/en/guides
  12. @atharix... so do a traceroute and show "us" "your" lag ;-) Cannot confirm anything like this. DD:A is running absolutly client to client. On my End, i am playing with HW Firewall blocked Game.exe (both) and its running fine, unoptimized for most hardware, but its running. But... maybe its higher Level related. Until Solo A1M3 NMHC Survival Wave 25 no lags so far. mySetup: Win 10 2004 X470 MB + RyZen 5 2600 16GB 3200 RAM + ISLC by WagnerSoft Vega 64 Strix OC@ 1700 MHz / 1,1V; Liquid cooled Corsair MP510 NVME (Sys,
  13. Change your Drive Letter to D or higher, "A" and "B" are reserved (in some code/kernel) for Floppydrive (3,5"; 5 1/4") and "C" for Windows itself. This yould be a possible solution. Otherwise make sure the game.exe itself isn't ticked as "start with adminprivilege" which can cause some error too with DD:A...
  14. Which skin do you got? The Rifted one for all Champs? Shouldnt the BackerKit Code activate a "Squire" only Skin? Also its not possible for me to redeem anything anywjere from the BackerKit Site
  15. Just to clarify - everything you gained before start of Early Access is gone (for ever) which is quiet usual for closed beta testing stuff. According to the actual progression wipe bug - >
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