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  1. I believe that I would much prefer a tower set, because I would like to build more so by my self. I also figured that transcendent gear is nothing special when there are many with ultimate.
  2. Hello guy, I was reading a guide on how to start getting into nightmare hardcore, and they said that the first priority was to get a transcendent set. My characters are not at 78 yet but I did receive one cube and a piece of enchanted leather trans helmet. I was wondering if anyone is willing to trade a transcendent set for a cube.
  3. Hello, I was recently playing on my macbook pro on the windows side to recive the new update that included moonbase. The update did not come out on my mac yet, not sure if it was just me or what, nevertheless I lost all of my stuff once I signed into the mac version. Not sure as to what happened but im guessing its something with the updates not coinciding. I just got the game and did not have much stuff but i would still like to get it back if its possible.
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