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  1. The challenges for each class are fairly simple, "Thats my Pole arm" - Kill a ghastly/shadow version of a Monk. (Have a monk open the "Trick or treat chests and die, which will spawn a Ghastly/Shadow Monk mini-boss.) "Thats my Staff" - Kill a ghastly/shadow version of an Apprentice. (Have an apprentice open the "Trick or treat chests and die, which will spawn a Ghastly/Shadow Apprentice mini-boss.) "Thats my Sword" - Kill a ghastly/shadow version of a Squire. (Have a squire open the "Trick or treat chests and die, which will spawn a Ghastly/Shadow Squire mini-boss.) "Thats my Bow" - Kill a ghastly/shadow version of a Huntress. (Have a huntress open the "Trick or treat chests and die, which will spawn a Ghastly/Shadow Huntress mini-boss.) These challenges are fairly simple to complete, also can be done soloing. I've obtained them by killing the ghastly/shadow version of the classes. You don't have to be the same class of the ghastly/shadow class to get the challenge. (You don't have to be the one to open the chest and kill it, once someone opens it and spawns the ghastly/shadow class the challenge is free for you all you have to do it kill it.) Also there's a super easy challenge to kill the boss on the second Spooky Event map, all you have to do is take down the boss and you'll get the challenge!
  2. You needed to have completed the whole monthly mission before the patch fixed it. If you only worked on it before the patch, you won't receive the Bearkira pet.
  3. When you start playing the second map, Maldonis the boss will spawn Death Marks arround the map. It's your job to clear them, meaning goto the holy artifact that says "Use holy aura to remove Maldonis' death mark" meaning when your character is glowing you have the ability to walk over the death marks that spawn and remove them.
  4. Question: Is there a way to change a pets ability? I really want to change my pets ability, and when I goto the re-roll section it gives me the option to change it's ability as well. Wondering if that's just a developer's option or if we can actually change it.
  5. To get any noteworthy loot in this map you have to run around searching for the TrickorTreat chests that spawn in the middle of waves, they drop mythical and legendary loot quite often and you can get more than 1 per wave. I personally average about 3~5 legendaries per run =o So you just kept trying to find the TrickorTreat chests? Usually when I open them I only get blues and greens? Bad luck? :p
  6. How do you get them to drop? I have yet to get anything Mythical or higher? All I've gotten are blues and greens.
  7. I didn't know that, I saw a miniboss of myself, yet I didn't know it was from the chest. I'll look into that. I definitely added that to the post!
  8. TRICK OR TREAT CHEST! So far the only thing that I've collected is that the way the chest work is either you instantly die or you collect rewards(I have yet to get a mythical or higher from the chest.) I wonder if there's any other little fun thing that the map has to offer, I'm currently looking to see if there's extras or easter eggs!(I doubt I'll find anything though! :p) Picture of what it looks like: CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL RES PICTURE! EDIT: (Helpful marks!)
  9. Tons of gems? whatttt?
  10. This happens to me a lot. The ways I fix this problem are when it's at the black screen state I press esc and leave back to the menu and try to re-enter the tavern. Yet I don't know what's causing this problem or how to fix it permanently.
  11. All item drops as I'm aware of is random, I may be wrong though. Yet I believe it's randomly generated as bosses are random.
  12. Currently, I've been trying to play on Nightmare modes yet I find myself getting into a game by myself. I can't seem to find anyone else joining and can't find a game that's already in action. I really want to start playing nightmare to get better gear and more. I really do want to play nightmare yet I can't get the help from others since it's hard to solo on nightmare. I guess I'll wait till the 27th, then start shooting to get better gear!
  13. The maps that were suggested by PixelGames and topler, Those maps are the best to grind. Also if you're desperate for exp, be sure to equip/buy EXP Spheres it'll help you a lot!
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