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  1. Since i didn't got any answer from anyone, i asked a lot of people about this and nobody is shocked that the affection of my pets are 220/60. Like really guys, how legit does it sounds to you ?
  2. Hey guys, So let me explain what's going on, i came back on DD2 after a 6 months break and was getting curious about how is evolving the game. After a couple of games on my Squire AP/TANK, i was surprised to see that i take litteraly 0 damages on NM4 incursion and then i saw this (look at my pet's stats) : http://hpics.li/ab30802 http://hpics.li/7280b16 http://hpics.li/3fb011f http://hpics.li/34f9a8c I've just send 4 pics but half of my pets are 220/60 affection, so i know i'm getting in love to be such overpowered but right there im tanking an entire map in NM4 incursion without any defenses on my squire tank .... so is there any chance to get back to normal affection ? Is it a known issue and have you planned to fix it ? Anyway, the updates are great and i love to see such new maps like these ;) keep up on the great work !
  3. I definetly agree with this system, what a genius is zenthorth
  4. I would definetly choose Map Creator and Mini Games for a simple but crucial reason, it will make this game infinite. One of the problem of DD1 was the very late game, since you have played few hundred hours and have been full geared, you were able to deal ( if i remember correctly ) something like 3.5M/4M damages on each auto attack and it made you able to one or two shoots almost everything even bosses. So obviously, this kind of gear wasn't on the hands of everyone but i keep thinking it's not hard to get it as soon as you are playing with your friends/mates. The devs already did something to evolve the game with the differents NM difficulties ( NM1, NM2, NM3 and NM4 ) it will probably take multiples try, fails, and hundreds hours to reach the actual maximal gear but i keep thinking that is not enough. Including a map editor and some mini games will really increase the time spend on the game. At this rate it's purely commercial, more time the players stay on the game, more time the game stays alive and active so more time the devs have to prepare a next DD and also more money they earn but let's not talk about money here. Anyway that's my way to see the things going to, i hope i'm not the only thinking on this and i really hope there will be a map editor. Cya and have fun on DD2 guys ;)
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