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  1. No solution yet.. Was able to log in once. But the game was lagging so badly, that is was impossible to play. After that i only get the same message every time i try to play.
  2. Ah, Will do ☺️ no, i only post here. Thanks anyway
  3. So, today when i was trying to play dd2 on my ps4, i get "Login failed" You must be signed into the "PlayStation Network" to play.. Lags like h too.. Reinstalled two times, restart many times, activate primary ps4 a few times, restore licenses, reset the internet conection etc. And still the same problem. And yes, im online and plus is active.. All other games works just fine online. But, when i tested on my US account, it works like a charm. Any sugestions?
  4. It works somehow 😀 Just join a random map and leave it at the same time. found my friend in the same social tavern. tested a few times now. Thanks for the tip!
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