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  1. Kruntski, Your method will work cause most of the time higher armor or higher relic primary (which is what it sorts by) = higher IPWR... but that only applies about 4 out of 5 pieces (in my experience) which means you will have higher IPWR items in your stash or that you sell. You will still progress fairly quickly but about 10% to 20% slower than if you were equipping based on sell value within a single rarity. Which is perfectly fine. I did it this way as well C1-C5... but when I dug into the system more I changed to a single rarity (all blue) on my mule and went off sell value alone. I ended up getting upgrades almost every single wave. They were only a couple gold at a time but I ended up maxing C5, C6 and C7 what felt to me much quicker than C1-C4.
  2. A lot of the mobs you could consider not fun. It sucks having to adjust for Air bombers, it sucks having to adjust for Geodes, it sucks having to adjust for rollers, it sucks having to adjust for EMP, X, Y or Z. Are assassins different? Sure. Though most folks who can deal with them easily put them in that same category of another Mob type we had to adjust to. As for are they fun? That is a subjective question and it is fruitless to get annoyed when those of us who think they are fine comment. For me, I find it fun now yes. I hear the swarm, see the purple glow... and book ass for an AA tower or any lane really.. then they pop, I pop my pet's CC Stun... then Concussive shot their face till they die. It is very satisfying personally watching them spin around all stunned with no chance in hell of doing anything. It's kind of like revenge for the times in the past they jacked up my game. Now... let me be clear... C5 was NOT fun! Coming into C5 not knowing what assassins were or how to deal with them was a serious punch in the gut. You have gear that can barely hold against the other C5 mobs and all of a sudden you are being stabbed with no real idea of what is going on. Two seconds later you are dead. The pure number of Assassins in C5 is a mistake in my opinion. I got through it but it was seriously frustrating. It's like that one incursion.... holy god! But outside of C5 and the incursion I do like them being part of the game.
  3. Overcoming a challenge is rewarding. That lends some fun to a hard game. It's why the Dark Souls series is so popular. At first Assassins kick your ass and you lose the game cause they spawned at the wrong moment. Later they spawn and you mow them down in 2 seconds. I hated them at first, but I think they are a great addition to the game as they add some non-symmetric play-style requirements. That being said if they are lasting 2 minutes like the OP said than he is doing something wrong. So advice on how to deal with them is more productive and helpful
  4. Vodka, usually mixed with air, Ice, or more vodka.
  5. Assuming your Hero DPS has enough Armor to deal with your current tier they are easily negated. Get a pet with a Stun or CC ability, and use the Mystic's Barricades (since they CC them) and you can easily peel them. Or Drop some geysers... or use Stun Cannons, or any other CC. When you see that purple mist start swirling you either get ready to use your pet's stun or if its on cooldown run to a CC zone. I think there is a thread that lists all the abilities/tower specs that peel them off you, At first I hated them, now they are barely even a thought. They are very easy to deal with once you learn how. But in all honesty... my wife can attest I used to also *** about how they ruined the game! :)
  6. It's not about the highest sell value unless you are limiting to a single rarity. There is a nice spreadsheet you can use to compare Ipwr values to sell value between the different rarity types. Though that is a pain in the ass. Here is the easiest way to do it: On your Loot dummy (or mule or whatever) ONLY equip blue gear. Blue because you get more blues than other rarities. Every single wave, if any blue dropped see if it is an upgrade (gold value wise only) over the current blue he is wearing in the slot (or slots). I would recommend not leveling up your gear your gear cause it becomes a huge money sink and it is hard to tell when you hit the gear cap for a chaos tier... but it does speed up the process. I recently came back from a long hiatus and using that method the gear progression was perfect in my opinion. I went from Campaign to C7 gear capped in about 5 weeks. I do wish though that Trendy would just put the IPwr on the damn gear. How long have you been in C3?
  7. tonyb


    So I finally decided to move onto C7... a little apprehensive but I squeezed most of the good loot out of C6. First Map: Nimbus Reach!!! Arrrrggghhhh.... So I channeled Fozzie, "it's an easy map when you learn to build", "Very DU generous"... Okay I can do this! I figured if I made it to wave 2 and got some drops I would be good.... 4 Siege Engines, 2 Ogres, Tuskar, and 5 Waves later and Victory!!! I am sure a lot of you have C7 on Farm, but I am excited! First Try and I win!
  8. tonyb

    C7 Mobs?

    Hey folks... So my 3 week long journey is over and I think I am ready to move onto C7!!! Tonight I am going to farm C6 for a while... but tomorrow I am moving onto C7 and I have a very simple question. Which Mobs (other than the Flyers that disable towers) are in C7? In C6, I kept building anti-EMP builds until I realized EMP orcs were not in 6... then it got so much easier. So what is in C7? Is it all the special mobs? Or are any left out? I know I can sort it out tomorrow but save me a few hours and lend me the lowdown. Anyone?
  9. I keep getting the server too busy message before I even get to the menu screen (where I can change regions), is there a way I can change regions maybe in an INI file and see if a different region is smoother at this time of day?
  10. tonyb I'm happy with your fast progress coming back to DD2 but also a little concern. Trendy will have to throw new content very often to keep players busy. I hope they have a card up the sleeve regarding game longevity. Not really that fast, I think I am about 100 hours in the last 3 weeks. Granted I probably overstayed most Chaos tiers for a little to squeeze every last upgrade before moving on. But that is a good pace to go from Campaign to C6 when you already have every character you need at 50 already. I bet it takes a new player longer, and some of you experts can probably burn through the Chaos tiers in 10 to 20 hours. Either way the concern is valid and obviously shared by others. I am sure I will feel the pinch when I hit C7 farm and have nothing else to do. That being said, didn't they say they were bringing back Onslaught and other modes? (Edit: I also had [emphasis on had] 55 million in gold cause of the sphere refund... so when I got into a gear slump I would just level up my loot dummies gear to push the next level of gear faster)
  11. Sure there are valid complaints. Overall though the game is in a much better spot than it was before.
  12. So I quit this game just about a year ago (I think I have said that in every single one of my posts so far hehe...). I remember the brick walls of NM1-NM4 where you often could not solo beat a NM that was dropping gear LESS than your current gear, or had to farm for weeks for that cheese passive set... and once you got that you destroyed everything... or the abyss lord afk soloing survival throne room for days at a time... I had honestly lost faith in the development team's ability to roll out a decent version of this game. The pendulum just swung so rapidly and so wildly. So I quietly walked away, disheartened and with a bad taste in my mouth. When the release date was announced I was skeptical and didn't know if I was even going to try it, but after some conversations with one of my friends who used to play this game I decided to boot it up and sort out what had changed in the last year. So around 2 weeks before launch I jumped back in. So aside from the many technical issues due to the new volume (which I know Trendy is working on)... I love the state of the game. I am primarily a solo player, so I can't comment on the multiplayer aspects of the game (I only open my games to public when I know I can carry 3 folks on a map). Going from Campaign to C6 has felt like a steady and challenging climb. I often see decent enough upgrades and occasionally that "holy ***!!! Look at this awesome medallion upgrade". It happens frequently enough where It keeps that new loot thrill fresh, but not so much that the upgrades lose their feeling of value. Each Chaos tier felt like I had to adjust my strategy to compete, and learn a new way to build, or tap into another character to get my defenses up to par. Occasionally I had to come to the forums for advice and all the names I knew from years ago are still here giving out friendly advice. Ascension levels are a great addition to the game, it gives a feeling of progress even if I go 4 maps and get no upgrades. I love the shards, re-usable buffs that you can take with you from piece to piece allowing you to actually upgrade instead of waiting for 200 waves for that perfect piece with the passives you need. I love the way the gear breaks down from Rare, Mythic, Legendary. I enjoy the variety of towers and heroes currently in the game, and feel like on top of a few required baseline towers (walls and auras, or walls and WM) I have dozens of options for my boss killers, or CC towers. I have not played a Lavamancer, nor a Dryad but the rest feel like they are in a good spot (or close enough to good to rotate some of their towers in). I am almost ready to move into C7 I believe, so I am not sure how much the game is going to change for me once I get to end game, but the progression you have in my opinion is brilliant. I have my complaints about the game, but they are the same old complaints and the game in my opinion currently has a lot more good than bad. So aside from the technical issues (Sorry, your session has timed out) 2 thumbs up. I love the game you released Trendy. My wife is not so happy about it though.
  13. This was happening to me rarely until I read this post... now I am stuck on the loading screen when I try to go the the private tavern or the hub. Thanks!!! (and Steam for me)
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