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  1. Same here no dailies, timer reset when you relog to 22 hours.
  2. Basically if you build a serenity aura after placing the boost aura next to it, it will work and you can then delete the serenity but its still very annoying.
  3. Oops you were right, i thought options for these stuff were all in general tab. Hide enemy health value was checked. Thank you very much.
  4. I see friend. It kinda doesn't help the way it is now so i hope its a bug because you have to calculate how much hp they have. Thank you for the reply.
  5. Hello after the update i can't see monsters hp on top of their health bars. Is it only me, cause after a search i didn't find any thread (im sorry if i missed it) about it. Thank you.
  6. I know, well i feel that the loot system is really boring and pointless.At first when i started playing i was checking every single gear to see which one give better stats and now i dont even want to pick them up at all and i sell everything without even looking what they give.Even the legendary gears apart from having 3 stats and higher upgrade levels, they dont really spice up the loot system.
  7. I dont know if its been already suggested and im sorry if it did but i would love to see gear sets.Depending on how many gears of the set you have equipped they should give you extra stats and a full set effect when you have the full set equipped.Also make them much much harder to drop.I love the idea of trying and trying to get a rare drop since for me it gives a meaning to keep on farming and it makes you feel you have accomplished something.Till now the only thing you can do is get the equips of your level and move on to a higher difficulty to upgrade.
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