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  1. :squire: :huntress: :huntress: add steamID: patrickmylius
  2. :huntress: ADD steamID: patrickmylius S> Godly Sic 68 DMG, 4 SPS,104 AMMO, 4 Reload 4 Hero health, 9 Hero speed, 10 Hero Rate, 8 Spell 3, 6 Tower Health, 10 Tower Rate, 7 tower dmg, 8 Radius 2 Protectiles, 534 Speed.
  3. I really hope some kind of "GM" are going to check up on this, because this really doesn't work..
  4. Dude when uve done all achievs it shouldnt be about luck. Ofc u can sit there feel sorry for me, u had a 44 chick. Im saying i cant go farm a better one, means its unfair.
  5. Hey, ive done all the achievements in dungeon defenders and awarded my chicken with 36 Ups. Then i helped out my mate and he had a chicken aswell.. but with 44 UPS. U know what? that REALLY pissed me off, because why would u make stat differences on chickens? You can get ONE in a steam account... Really UNFAIR. Doing all achievments shouldnt make ur award depend on luck, but the chickens should ALL be the same. Im not the only one who think this is unfair, heard about a guy with 16 ups chicks. CMON a freaking animus is better?. I really hope ur gonna fix this. I like the differents be
  6. Interrested in a coutteau steamID: patrickmylius
  7. WTB hard Spooctacular. STeamID: patrickmylius
  8. interrested in the squire wep add steamID "patrickmylius"
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