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  1. no daily issued today for me. not sure how i can reproduce the problem sorrry
  2. i dont know how to recreate it but i log in every day and i saw you wanted people to post a forum thing if they still had issues, my monthly has reset. and i have 2 of 3 daily quest slots empty.
  3. I want to make this the huntress 4th tower replacement :)
  4. Wouldn't you rather just have Uber options you like that appeal to you instead? :D That would be nice indeed. I had my monk in mind when i wrote this, i would like to be able to use the 25% blockade health boost large sphere and the enlarged serenity aura at the same time as i dont have a uber for the monk and i think this would suit my builds more than say the lightning strike uber. It was just a thought, more ubers are most certainly welcome :)
  5. i have opened 30+ pet reroll boxes since patch 8.2 and i have never seen a single one
  6. The ability to use say a Large sphere in the uber slot when you have no use of said uber slot
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