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  1. 10/10 anti chaos, sold for a grand total of 90 gold.
  2. It seems they have somehow changed their acc name again if the link is broken now. After looking i do see another haven in discord which is you and the one that was used to scam me was probably a burner then. I Don t think this is you from what i now remember of our dealings so I apologize for getting you caught up in this if it wasn't you, unfortunately all i could do to pinpoint the thief was the steam profile id and they could have been using the username haven as a mask. then cleared the history of previous names after changing it back. I doubt anything will actually be done about this
  3. A trade had been setup for mod for mod in discord with steam user Haven https://steamcommunity.com/id/Havenxx/ They left after i put my mod up, scamming me. after this happened they went offline on steam and changed their steam username multiple times before making their account private, they then deleted the link from discord pm to their current username. they didn't realize they still had me added and so i could still see their steam profile (as linked above), they then deleted the discord acc they used to setup the transaction on. I contacted a discord mod about this and they said they cant
  4. I believe hornets choose their next target based on what mob is closest (to where the hornet is, not the nest)
  5. Some cool ideas here, love the Slime king Awakens mod idea :)
  6. If its already a thing would be nice to get it working consistently. I can have a single mob usually a boss/lady orc run/walk by and still completely ignore the wall. this has happened this patch 4.1 with shield boss goblin and a lady orc (she got to the wall, sorta stopped for a sec like she forgot what she was doing, then ran right for the sub objective haha)
  7. I think walls need a little love. i personally don't think the DU cost of anything should be touched as that would completely mess up the balance of the game. Everything else suggested so far i would also love to see implemented in some way. Blockaded are meant to block a path, however most times mobs just walk right past (at least for me). so my suggestion is that blockades scale in actual size per upgrade level. so maybe with X upgrades it could actually block a lane. My Shard/Mod idea would be a taunt on the blockade much like the hero shard "Annoyance".
  8. Ap 25 before update just done Ap 31 floor 53 i got a c8 amp just to confirm they still drop. Temple map desperately needs the bugs sorted but with stuck mobs/ pathing and a replay system would be awesome which it looks like they are looking into. ithink with those things sorted shouldnt slow you down too much compared to before. is a tad annoying that an already grindy end game feature like Ancient power is taking longer ap20ish+ but i also welcome the challenge, just would be nice to see maybe more of a reward for the increased difficulty
  9. Don't the elemental servos attunes your physical defenses into magical damage defenses? As elementals are magical damage. Damn your right, Must have changed something, when i tested a month or so ago it came back as still physical in my tests and ingame, havnt bothered to check since. the fire dmg must be doing work tho because i never have any issues maybe the resist magic is resist 50% magic dmg and fire is x2 so just cancels out.
  10. I use Fire Servo for 2x Dmg to Freezy Mobs As for physical defenses heres some things i use: Edit - Fire servo turns towers magical but the 2x dmg onto freezy mobs seems to still do fine for me Squire Harpoon - Des/Rate Sploody harpoons with piercing/Fire Damage/Ballista Bite(poison)Cannon - Rate/Stunfire/Heavycannonball with Piercing/Fire Damage/range Dryad Hornet's - Des/MassDes/Rate with Fire Damage/Anti Melee/Melee BoomHarpy's - Des/Rate/Range with Piercing/Planteras Blessing/Fire Damage Thats my setup atm, not great quality but works well enough.
  11. Just some bugs that I couldn't reproduce but were cool - Tiny Pet - I want it back! - Overly Affectionate Pet - Affection reset to 10 after I evolved him. - Tightrope Walker Cannon Ogre - Just corrupt star calling a star to damage a Cannon ogre (was by the gold and mana) The Ogre actually landed on the chain and just started walking up it towards crystal. Thats when i panicked and killed it sadly missing the Screenshot. What Strange happenings have you come across? Please share :)
  12. only thing with adding it to the search tab is i dont want to search thru 9 bags of stored loot and stuff i just want to quickly look through items i just got in previous game. having it setup to sort mods in inventory means all you would have to do is open inventory, check first item, if its bad then just sell inv. quick and easy
  13. Would love an option to sort items by mod strength, So highest mod stat /10 would be first in inventory. would save time between maps sorting thru an inventory full of mostly useless mods
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