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  1. Pretty simple as feedback goes: Whoever did the soundwork for the harbringer patch on the new maps, please give them a high five. I usually turn my sound off for games and have music / podcasts on but I am so glad I made an exception. The background music / general noises are fantastic for atmosphere.
  2. No problem, and I am glad you guys liked the caption! Loving the new title :)
  3. No idea who won, the problem is that it hasn't been updated and was meant to end late October so is still sat open to submission on the main news page.
  4. Just thought I would bump this in the hope of getting an answer as i've not seen one around :)
  5. Sign me up. Now I am imagining a giant hibernating brown bear that knocks back enemies with its paw every 25% health loss and looks more grumpy the lower its health gets... +10 if it makes a cute sad noise before it poofs away on breaking
  6. Tried leaving on 4 marks total on the 6 waves before Maldonis, no luck. Also tried dying to the marks with all four hero types at least once on the 6 before him, again no luck.
  7. Was just wondering when the caption contest will finish as the submission close date was late October I think. I know with the huge Halloween update its likely been forgotten as way more important things are going on :)
  8. Lightning: When will the most recent caption contest end? :) Lightning: Will future map secrets involve more of a breadcrumb hidden item style rather than an obscure unlock? (I liked the Halloween one so no complaints either way)
  9. Watched through the entire map play twice, literally seen nothing out of the ordinary... really frustrating as I am sure to someone who knows the answer to the puzzle it seemed like a "hint" but at the moment I keep coming back to spend hours trying to find this thing with no result.
  10. Going by the Dev response to this thread, surely that then rules out any interaction with the halloween summons, the trick or treat chests or Trikk / Treat as all of those things are halloween event specific. Coupling that with what we already know, we are looking for something within the maps themselves as a combination / event which should narrow down the focus slightly. Personally I find it likely that its something to do with the ruined thing on the Temple map that is behind your crystal carts. Assuming it was to assemble, it would be much like the temple map earlier in the campaign where the big floating disks were shooting out a laser to hold back waves / activate stuff. This ruin looks very similar to that, and is pointed directly at Malganis. This would in my mind lend credence to the "4 on 6" clue as if there was something you could do to activiate it on wave six, Malganis would then be affected in time for his spawn on wave 7... All assumption of course but its where I will be focusing my own search :)
  11. Can we get more of a hint about the Halloween maps last secret before the event ends?
  12. See now I need to request a version with at least 4 frogs per mushroom and one on his head...
  13. You're banned for not supporting their laziness.
  14. Leveling my squire in the Liferoot map when I stumbled across this guy in the scenery... I shall call her Greenie. 
  15. Having played around with the new maps, I think you can force the legendary weapons to drop if you keep "Treet" alive. It didn't make sense to me that he had less health than the other boss who you have to kill to start the trick or treat chests spawning. So I deleted my damage towers and turned them all away from Treet on the first map letting him fail on a wall. The two trick or treat chests I then opened both killed me and both shadow copies of myself gave me legendaries in a row. If anyone else has the time / patience to test this as well to confirm would be grateful.
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