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  1. you can safely do c5 with c4 gear and none of those shards. if you have a good c4 totem and a few medallions you should be fine. c5 is really easy in comparsion to c4. if you get to wave 3 a couple of times or just get some loot drops from bosses in wave 2 you'll be good after a few tries. just slow fishing and you'll find it way too easy soon enough, i can go without walls (except 1, but i only use it for stunns to get assasins off) in c5 and afk it only killing the roller. just build your anti assasin in 1 lane with 1 or 2 additional defenses and maybe a geyshire from huntress to knock them
  2. Yeah Blockades benefit a little from speed, it's nice for the vengeance shard (really good one, just never used >> collect damage from enemies and reflect it on the next attack) or sharpened spikes.
  3. disagree, you generally don't need a range shard in any dps tower, if you want it that's your thing, but you don't need it for any tower, range shard is really nice at cc towers, because you don't loose out on potential dps increase. the general go to shard to replace range with would be defense attack rate. but if you plan on spending ascension points into it, there is a forum post here: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/143193/see-answer?scrollTo=1271358#1271358 that shows you how the range scales on each tower, so if you put in 1 range gambit point into ramsters and it has a 1:10 scalin
  4. that's a myth that everyone thought to be right, but noone really knows. i think it's wrong. although a totem with speed is pretty easy to get. i used mine with speed just to be sure, but since freeze towers don't have a speed rating, that's a vague point. Boost Aura from Monk doesn't need speed, so you get dp/dpcrit and health on it for some tower boosting, although i dont think many people use that tower. Mystic Sand Traps don't need Speed. It has a Speed Stat, but that currrently doesn't effect it. The Stun lasts longer than recharge and it only procs after again the stun faded iirc. @kin
  5. yeah i guess, or just remove campaign shards from chaos droplist so you can't get stupid panic fire that nobody wants. that would also reduce the pool of shards that you can obtain, but with your first point it would also be harder to obtain shards when you're progressing, but i'm still up for the idea.
  6. the harder challenges right now are a joke to me lol. it bores me that i can afk even with assasins on my ass and just go out and 2-3 shot a roller and continue. Getting all shards is much harder and idk why everyone is so needy about the range shards, they're almost useless for most towers, put in 10 points into ascension and you're good with almost any tower. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GINkEc_dJHto4WqJ9Xkmu02bOPgfw9Pqdw_eVjPAhFQ/edit?usp=sharing these are all i own, there aren't many left and i'm not even trying really hard, just afk farming c1 if i needes some money. i use 1 d
  7. this is a common noob mistake, you get 1 or 2 Chaos Shards from completing Chaos and 1 guaranteed Campaign Shard (that shard has no Number Sign in it, you might have realized that dropping too) that only drops Campaign Shards, there you can get those juicy drenching shards from. But also from Chaos 1 Shards, thats what i want to say in each post about it, the pool is not too high really, if you only remove the Campaign Shards from Chaos Turns. You can't imagine how often i get Channel from my Chaos V Shard and then another from the Campaign, i don't need them anymore and i'd be ok with it if t
  8. c1 shards aren't vital shards, the only vital shards are campaign shards. you don't need range shard, tbh it's one of the weaker ones, because a dps one would be much more beneficial than additional range, the only towers that really profit from it are CC towers, i don't really need it, but i use it on sand traps, because why not, it's fun. For DPS turrets it's handy, but a long way from needed, like nice to have if even. Shielding Guard is nice, but not essential either. All Chaos Shards aren't necessary. Your System sounds like you need shards to progress. You don't. I only needed like 4 ma
  9. i thought the average player is in c2 farming c3 going up to c3 and without c3 items not clearing c2. well if you'd get so much money back, then you'd be in money overflow and could progress way to fast through content just getting a new piece, maxing it. getting a huge boost, upgrading next piece, maxing it and boom you reached max tier of chaos x. do that for 2 days and you'd be in c5. ofc only if the player is good enough. it'll be just a lot of free ressources.
  10. I agree to shard fragments, but it would have to be a good enough scaling to be realistic... or atleast a shard trade system. Or remove the goddamn Campaign Shards from Chaos Shard Droptable. I got my first atkrate in c4 and my 2nd in c5. I seen some people in c4 gear complaining building c2 is too hard, it's not always the system that's at fault i don't think it has much to do with the difficulty, but also from people not trying enough, just starting to play the game or some just plain being bad.
  11. this is so much bulls**t, it smells. you don't need any shards except campaign shards to clear c5 if you want to. None. deadly strikes is one of the worst applicable shards there is, because it has soooooo limited use, because any other shard would boost it's damage and you mostly don't need range... some people say for AA, but an AA can only hit 3 targets and you'll be screwed if 10+ are on the map. Shielding Guard helps, but it isn't necessary, since my walls in c5 take 150k damage from wave 1 to 5, like i could equip a chaos1 totem and it would be fine. Build your towers arround it and use
  12. it did fix rng problems, before you needed to roll a HIGH and CORRECT dmg or defense stat and the right passives on the item. Now you only need the Stats on the item and you'll eventually get an upgrade and can just put the shards in as you please.
  13. don't do practice maps, those are only to see if a build works and to play some other map of choice with *** loot. play trials, there you'll benefit a lot from. even without upgrading. always go for small upgrades, even if the stat combo is worse. you'll go up and up and up! and don't forget to farm campaign shards, they help a lot (harbinger is the best place for it)
  14. ^ this is the lazy type i was referring too which ruined a big part of the game industry (jrpg's for example), because western people complained about grinding. Sena and a big f|_|ck you too calling me lazy. Go sit on your monk polearm a few times and swivel. thank you :D well if they would do what you want, everyone would stop playing the game after 3-4 days, because there would be nothing left to do. so a big no no :D and sadly it's true :P
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