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  1. I actually thought this would be closed by the next time I checked it. Idiots like the OP, eh? Nightmare is soloable until you account for the 5 ogres running out of a spawn point and 5 shotting towers under Str Drain Aura. Hardly my fault.
  2. Nightmare Mode: 1) Health somehow goes up by 5x Because I love having stats that I have calculated and worked so hard for suddenly altered. Still die in 2 hits with 50% resist. No indication is given in game about why this is the case or what else was changed. I still don't know. BTW, this makes the Fairy absolutely useless. O ****, didn't think of that, did ya? 2) Ogres get 500 billion HP Nothing new here. 3) Ogres one shot players, in splash, even with boogers, even with increased HP, through 50% resist. One hit kills are a ton of fun. I LOVE TO LOSE ALL MY MANA. /sarcasm
  3. Hackers/Cheaters won't care, because they'll have their stuff again within hours. Casuals/Legitimate Gamers will care because they'll lose all those hours in game time. Ultimately, just like booze and gun laws, only the legitimate will be hurt by this. Vote: No
  4. @Jeremy: I have a few suggestions for further patches. 1) Test products with "normal" characters, then test them with "top-notch" gear. This will give you a larger scope of the effects of the new mode/level. It will also allow you to see the "endgame" results of the level, in addition to a better scope of how hard the level actually is. 2) When in doubt, under buff it. In cases like these, it's best to buff the content later than nerfing it. It keeps "uber" items from entering the economy unexpectedly. It also leaves a better taste in the mouths of the player base. They'll feel as tho
  5. Good luck with the hype train.. Since you fail to deliver with the new challenge maps and the new thanksgiving map, I am not going to believe a word you say.. Also the lie/nerf of 7.12b further proves my point that trendyent can't even be trusted.. Then don't play. That was easy.
  6. @Jer: As long as DEW trains keep flipping through all manners of defense onto builder's heads [preventing them from doing anything], there will be no reason to stay on a Tower Character. A 33% Damage boost on SOME towers is crap compared to a 300k DPSer. If you are implying that characters will need to stay on Builders because Defenses will fall, it'll just be another notch (combined with the 33% damage boost) towards trying as hard as possible to use as many Towers from a single builder as possible, which you've made pretty clear you want to avoid. Furthermore, Builders still have no way
  7. Get the stick outta your *** dude. He's one guy and you certainly aren't the only concern. Anyways, nice hammer. Always wanted a good one of those because the skin is nice.
  8. Apprentice Guardian, hands down. More damage is always useful, and it works on everything but Magic Barriers, Gas Traps, and Darkness Traps (for obvious reasons). Yea, there's overkill on trash mobs, but you can never have enough DPS against the Special Units (within' our current stat limitation anyways)! Huntress Guardian also wastes a crapton of the extra shots on ranged towers because their is no kill predictability. This means that the towers will keep firing at a target until it is dead, not until there are enough bullets that are predicted to hit it and kill it. Unless you have a situa
  9. I will pay up to 50 million for a top of the line Ray-Gun weapon. Stats that are most important are: Upgrades, 40+ (60+ preferred) Base Damage, 200+ (250+ preferred) +Rate of Fire, Higher is Better +Reload, 10+ (Ideally 15+) +Hero Attack, Higher is Better +Piercing Strike, Higher is Better +Hero HP, Higher is Better +Bullet Speed, Higher is Better Tower stats can be -50 for all I care. Hero Cast/Movement should still be 0+, but if the above stats are met, some -'s are fine. I prefer a smaller weapon, but this is really a non-issue if the above stats are met. Post the stats or a
  10. Why are you trying to play MM/Insane solo? Str Drain Auras are your best friend. With 4 DPS running around in them, the Warriors are manageable. Let the defenses take care of the rest. The only issue is that Ogres will gear check your party long before you get to a high wave, which is why people run Alchemy because you don't have to worry about 'em.
  11. Gotta use towers, there are too many birds. You need to upgrade your physical resists and run a Fairy. Also, don't stop moving. There's plenty of space to move around, so they shouldn't get but one hit on you at a time.
  12. Squire Guardian only works on towers that can get hit. It buffs a hidden "defense" stat that reduces damage.
  13. You realize all this is in preparation for the new LEC DLC comming up, right? Have some foresight, geez.
  14. Starting a run for Mixmode Insane Alch. Semi-serious, might get to wave 14 or 15. Requirements: ~60k+ DPS Huntress / ~100k+ DPS Else *Fairy HIGHLY recommended for DPSers.* or Tower Spec Apprentice /w DPS Weapon and Animus Both must be able to sustain OUTSIDE of the base box. No pulling Warriors behind defenses! Here's the build: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=511 Plan is to have the Apprentice or a DPS on repair and west duty. Two other DPSer's will take North and South and I'll be on East. I'll be taking care of all building unless said Apprentice show
  15. I don't care how many maps there are but Trendy, please don't stick the crystal next to enemy respawns (i.e. Spook/Warping Crystal DLC). It's a artificial difficulty that isn't fun to play against.
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