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  1. The good old days... when Halloween Spooktacular was impossible on insane or even hard XD My 33^ Van Wolfenstein. Loved that weapon.
  2. Are we supposed to complete this map to get an Event item?
  3. I've seen some with 500+^...Dunno if they are hacked tho.
  4. LOL. It was done on purpose to create a new word. Yea, that's right, on purpose. I am totally not trying to trick or make up anything on the spot right now. Yeeeeeah...on purpose... :P
  5. Is it supposed to be spelled like that? Because I don't know what Gentlemnaly means. :P Dropped on KG Survival. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/558713043525164282/C33B0EC9F85DFB3395DED2D6D965893DFFC82FBA/ EDIT: Also...how do you post the image instead of link?
  6. hackers buy small coal and hack small diamonds into diamonds. True story. Only reason why small coal has any value > 500m So that's why this one guy wanted to buy all my small coal for 3b each...
  7. What's with everyone saying that you get better loot if you don't jump on the shining tiles? According to one in my group (and I think he didn't lie), he got an Ultimate+ Light Knight, and we were jumping on the tiles all the time. Is it just something someone made up because they felt they got better loot or what?
  8. What version of Windows do you have? In the Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool, go into about, and tell me the version number for DS3_TOOL and DRIVER DS3_TOOL and DRIVER are both version 0.7.1001. I got some virtual gamepad working now, but I can't use my PS3 controller tho.
  9. Would be nice to figure this out, in case someone else ever got the same problem. EDIT: Tried to hold in the PS3 button on the controller and I opened the "Big Picture" on steam. No clue if this is any help.
  10. Here's what I do to make it work for me: 1) Shutdown DD (Dungeon Defenders) if DD is running. 2) Start the config program. 3) Select Xinput and press "Options" to the right of Xinput. 4) Press "Save Changes" on the options page. 5) Start DD and try pressing every button, one at a time. For me, it's not "Start" that lets a new player in. It's "Select". 6) If that doesn't work, try seeing if you can map the buttons in DD config. Thanks for trying to help, but I still can't use my motionjoy :(
  11. Doubtful if you aren't using any anti-virus. Go download Microsoft Security Essentials. It's a free anti-virus from Microsoft for Windows. No excuse for not having an anti-virus. Can you verify you have the drivers installed for your controllers? While plugged in, click on the Drivers tab and check if the drivers listed have a green check mark. I can see the green check marks, so I'm not missing the drivers.
  12. Thread moved. To get MotioninJoy to work properly you need to do a few things. One is to make sure you have the drivers installed via MotioninJoy. Assuming you get the "test rumble" I imagine you have the drivers installed. The only reason why it would work in MotioninJoy and not Dungeon Defenders is because DD, like most games, only accept Xinput from gamepads. This is seen most commonly with the 360 gamepads. To solve your problem you need to select the Xinput or "Emulate 360" profile before you start the game. So select "Emulate 360" aka Xinput method on the profiles tab. I tried that before, and I tried again now, but this thing just won't work... I read about someone which had the same problem, and he fixed it by disabling his Comodo security. Any chance I might have the same problem even tho I'm not using any antivirus programs? I'm very bad at this stuff :P
  13. What have you done to rectify it? When I used motion joy I found I had to disconnect and reconnect everytime I played. I really don't know. I've done the vibration testing and the controller should work fine, but for some reason I can't press start in game and play on a second hero :/ I'm going to bed now, and if anyone knows what could be wrong, please add me to steam (jago1993) and talk to me when I wake up...which is probably in 7-8 hours :)
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