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  1. No luck for me, most of the time dropped def power and def cri/health instead of hearty/hero/def health.
  2. As was said here, the staff and bow are god tier purely for the AoE damage aspects, with the Ramparts bow and staff being the best for single target damage, makes for a nice split of variety, but also makes Monk and Squire feel like afterthoughts (except for the ramparts sword, get one with hero health and you're good to go) Ramparts bow is good for aoe too.
  3. Why are we still here? Does Trendy even care and no Monthly pet update. Almost played 1k hours(964hrs) and I have to say I am getting bored of this game, farming almost 10 hours a day and got nothing good but just selling all trash. First SG server was inactive and now even NA server is getting inactive, its so hard to play public now as no one even join the game anymore.
  4. Hi, anyone managed to get Cyclone for your G4-T0? After spending more than 30 ability reroll I am still unable to get it. http://prntscr.com/9ivyvu
  5. Those 2 item is to show you what your good loot standard is, time to ignore troller.
  6. You seriously think that people will complain with just few games? Start using your brain to think with some common sense. Anyway read through the thread again, this post is not even about perfect roll but the % rate of dropping legendary from final boss and so on. Stop trolling here. Peace.
  7. Guys feel free to add me for nm4, full decent builder here and if needed I can bring huntress/apprentice dps as well.
  8. Guys feel free to add me for nm4, full decent builder here and if needed I can bring huntress/apprentice dps as well.
  9. Was informed that red and purple passive is not supposed to be together so it's impossible to get hearty on harbinger shield. But today I got this weapon with both passive together, is this bug or does it mean we can get hearty on harbinger shield? Can anyone confirm this or share any information about it? Thanks. Sword
  10. Uhmmm... Seriously? You can't figure out what they are trying to achieve? I thought it was pretty obvious. Making the hardest difficulty available in the game more of a challenge. Duh. They decreased the amount of loot by about 50% and increased the quality of loot by about 75% so, no, it is not the same as before. You get better loot now. In fact, it's probably too good now. Right now you can make it from no gear, ZERO ipwr, to easily farming nightmare 3 after completing 8 maps. Too good with stat like this? Boot Glove Anyway my main concern is the bosses for every map. Eat your donut di
  11. After 3 hotfix patch the drop is still so bad.
  12. Yeah! Make it as hard as you can but make sure to give us a better reward ^^. CHEERS!
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