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  1. You get a daily quest once a day. Getting a new one on a new day doesn't mean its fixed. It means your new daily quest works, but the old one is still stolen. Thanks for trying to help though. Sadly enough, devs are thought to ignore problems. Somehow, they only respond if the poster isn't asking question kindly. Sad to see foul language, give this game negative review or having payment issue is the only way to get attention.
  2. Yesterday, the patch went live and we get a new form of daily quest. I had an old unfinished quest, which I lost and got no new quest in return. Is there an solution for this? Please read. I am not complaining about the new quest, I am not asking why I cant reroll / reroll is worse than before. I am stating that my old quest is gone and got nothing in return. No new quest as well. Some people had the same issue (steam forums), but I never read any fix about this. Iamisom, please dont igore me. I dont think I did something wrong and if I did, please let me know instead of ignoreing me.
  3. Now that (likely) Monthly missions will be replaced by missions, will it mean we no longer get a monthly pet? Not even an older pet recolored?
  4. Dont like the'daily quest? You can reroll once per day!
  5. Walls can get damaged. Sometimes repairing a wall is the key to victory.
  6. Some items have character specific passives. Look for coloured information on items.
  7. Some weapons or pets can do elemental damage. Check them out.
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