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  1. There are no Matches .. Ipwr 200/300/400/500/600 nothing How is this thing still alive
  2. Yea im In ! let them waste their time like we did
  3. Hitman didnt say he didnt get an item tho Didnt say scavenger s not working Iventory full ? Its full after ever 3 rounds ,, We will get all the items at the beginning of the next round /.. There isent a scavenger in between rounds NOw what ? You Didnt REead ! sentence of this poSt :D I wan dd2 to like mee mjeh mjeh ? PErFect ExamPle OF ANY response You will ever Get from these 500+ POsts Guys ahaha !! Horrible :) Puts on BoTie Ready to respond ? nahh dont do it Drow
  4. The only responds i got from posting this problem was .. You can set pick up loot in options .. lol Just logged in after a month 4 people online :D And all the same bugs
  5. You people who defend the game And ONLy defend the game are useless :) I saved up 450 shelium shards to be prepared for what ever *&^% they trhow at us Gone o,0 I didnt read any thing on the gear being TOTalY Useless Why spend millions on upgrades ? My Hate for the game will exist for a longgg time And when ever i have the energy I will Burn this game down I stopped playing With a tear in my eye Cus Onslaught wave 50 6/7 hours ? NO way no more :D 1000 ,s of enemys slowlyyy releasing 80 each lane falling asleep 6 Ubers Got betsy Fully evolved OMfg I dont have a choise then to stop
  6. This is the top reason why i stopped playing 1000+ enemys every wave Seriously gave me headpains
  7. That sounds really boring, you're not challenging yourself and are going to be under prepared when you decide to help out other people, because you aren't used to what Nm4 actually is.
  8. So when other people decide to leave after 2 hours your... done nice Pre aplha Uber powerfull Adictive :D Pre aplha + Pfoej Takes a while now o,0 Last update Lost 300 hours of onslaught Gone MOneyt GOne Upgrades Useless Adicted huh ? :D PAy MONEY! Dd2 is meant to pay ofcoursh Its horrible Cocain is better
  9. Oewwww Did you Hear Wox somthing somthing Over Here Its A known Bug !! :D AHahahahahaha WTf ! It's a known bug.
  10. Its a bit different in onslaught Going good workin hard You can do this ! But the wave with 50 kobolds all running and kamikazi your deffence to hell is impossible allone
  11. Ive never seen people try them Ive tried about 25 times just to get trough the first round but noo x) And people on your friendslist will just take you with them when they leave game Bug :( Deleted all Amen dd2
  12. Ive bin told ALLot that this is stil aplha so bugs will apear Lot of people are missing items pets Major lag Etc etc etc PLay a diff game for now
  13. You must be a new player to dd 2 im sorry My personal item space Bought ! :) Is full until i have time to compare them .. :S You wil in the furture pick up items IN fear of crashing and pick up other items Same s picking up pet boxes This isne t the elite game you describe it to be You guys either say Deal with it Its still aplha Ive Heard that 50+ times Or dont pick up items regarding this .. o,0 Dude You are exactly right. The temp bag worked perfectly fine, why the removed it. I have no idea. But, your original post was stating that you didn't think the Scavenger was working.
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