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  1. god... go above 1billion mana... and watch as it shows the same at you. Why are even dumb ppl allowed to post? :( Notice how on Page4 Galactice has negative mana displayed on the left? Don't shame yourselves by your idiotness next time. :squire: oh boy you want hug from mama?
  2. anyone else notice he has -1,073,741,824? good catch!
  3. This statement makes me even more sad. It's the same a 7.10 all over again. here we go with teh slight buff that nobody can see the results of we just have to take their word for it that it's buffed when in reality it's not. Then next patch will be another slight buff to try and soothe the people that are upset when in the end there really will have been nothing done. well there will be someone posting loots after patch i guess just compare that to the previous loot thread
  4. where as i see it as people showing their anger and think it's healthy. Which scenario do you think trendy would prefer? 1. Player is upset with changes and voices his opinions on the forums, thus giving the devs a chance to hear and understand the anger? 2. The player quitely leaves the game and tells all of his friends what a horrible horrible experience he/she had with Trendy? im sorry but the mods of forum prefer no.2 Trololol
  5. i'm just asking whether its free or premium. well people sometimes gets so simple, trying to tell someone who asked if this is paid to play to get a job you racist do we look like we care about how much it gonna costs?
  6. I hope they sell us some 90^ up gear cheap, to ease our pain. ;) or just sell the game client lol shh......................
  7. Somehow, all the bad points you have about DD is that they NERF'd stuff. (The fact that one million other companies did it in other one million games doesn't matter. TRENDY NERF'D THE UMF!) Also, considering the patches fixed the rollback issues and some other annoying bugs, I'd say your argument is pretty much invalid... did i care to argue with you? its the fact lol check the highlighted yellow line and check the threads opened for today play more then i may consider to argue with you
  8. inb4 someone comes out promising you the loots wont get nerfed
  9. inb4 stealth buff oh turns out its a nerf on loots coz its too easy for player like FakeDinosaur to solo the whole thing GJ and GJ Trendy
  10. To sum it all up, I'm thankful that Trendy puts the time into patching the game and making it better, instead of not updating it at all. I loled
  11. camp for another 7.10, 7.12b incidents
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