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  1. woo! need more people. and whats the time limit on it?
  2. As for the first one I think you can drop the item on the bag icon you want and it will go in to that bag if it is not full.
  3. OK so a few nights ago i was doing a bit of grinding. I do not recall the map, but it is the one that feels like it is the sewers and you can stand on the pipes over the core. There is this one cute frog that sits there and hops, he is happy to sit there and hop. Many stand by him in the long grinds but does any one know his name? Should he have a name? When can he be our pet? I named him Ribbie, when i talked to him. what do or would you call him? And if this has been brought up at any time can someone point me to it. :) Thank you
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