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  1. Hi I'm just curious if anyone is having issues connecting to certain regions I live in Australia. Whenever I join some people in the community or friends I can't connect to them. Doesn't happen will all, only some specific locations. It'll come up with an error message saying cannot connect to US West Region or whatever :/
  2. Solo every map on 25+++ hard incursion it can be done. Could try getting all four betsy weapons but I killed her 20 times and only got the staff.
  3. Don't use walls to defend a two boss lane they will clip on each other and walk over the walls. Funny when I saw this happen sad when I lost because of it. Serenity aura and a squire's shield is the best way to hold boss lanes. When comparing defense stats to other players I encountered something where our defenses both showed different stats. On his screen his stats were better on mine they were better. So we had to send screenshots of our character pages to each other...
  4. You guys are just gonna have to fork out more for a headset. I bought the Playstation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 and it's exceptional. It has a mute button guys a mute button and it's the best headset I've ever bought. It can connect to your laptop or PC wirelessly as well so you can listen to music or whatever. Doesn't work with my TV though. When it comes to end game stuff one person builds everything anyway so all you gotta do is pass gems and afk. Don't need a mic for that.
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