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  1. My statement was that content is limited and the Devs are creating new and interesting ways to allow the player base to beat the existing contest faster than ever. Balance heroes all you want, if there isn't anything challenging to do with them, what is next? Diverse: showing a great deal of variety; very different Diverse gameplay is NOT running the same maps over and over again, no matter which hero/towers you use to do it. Unless they bring back some of the old school motivation to repeat certain maps (Grinding Pets/Special Weapons/Etc) There is literally nothing to do aside from grind ascension. Once I'd capped out on C7, I was "helping" new players through Chaos levels...until I realized that by doing so, I was speeding them along to the point that I'm at now...logging in less and less
  2. I used to have this problem myself. Most times, it is about placement of the blockade, but if you allow too many to bunch up against your wall, it will sometimes bug them over it. As you mentioned, this becomes a extremely rare occurrence once your C7 gear gets better.
  3. Probably because end-game content would be more enjoyable when everything is balanced? And some people actually more interested in more ways to play, rather than a reason to play. Maybe, but using different vehicles to arrive at the same destination doesn't change the view.
  4. Just confused why they are putting in new ways to blaze through what little content that we have, with no foreseeable next step to use this newly acquired power...
  5. Has there been any hints on when new content will be released above C7? With the increased drop rate and double xp, players are running through content faster than ever. Next month? Quarter 4? 2018? Even an estimated timeframe would be nice...
  6. Bah. Looks like I'm in a holding pattern until next patch.
  7. So Pre and Post patch, I've cleared over 40 C7 maps in the last week, only 2 relic drops with max Primary Stat over 22,000. Heck, at 290 ascension, I've only found 5 relics total greater than 22k. Most of my drops have max of 20,XXX. It isn't the hidden "item level" issue, I have a hero with all max gold value legendaries that are fully upgraded. Is this usual, or just really bad luck?
  8. WM Nerf hasn't changed the AFK farm build for C7: 1. FA as far inside each spawn point as it will let you place it (flying kobolds melt before they leave spawn) 2. 2nd FA as close as you can to the first one (for light spawns, skip the 2nd FA) 3. 1 WM for each spawn, place 1 node between the FAs and work backward toward your.. 4. 1-2 Blockades in each lane. You don't actually have to do a full lane block 5. 1 skyguard at each air lane. Upgrade Skyguard and FAs each wave, ez pzy. Shards: FA - Rate, Range, Crit Damage or Pwr Transfer depending on if you use Mark or Medallion respectively. WM - Rate, Range, Crit Damage or Pwr Transfer depending on if you use Mark or Medallion respectively. Skyguard - Rate, Range, Crit Damage or Pwr Transfer depending on if you use Mark or Medallion respectively. Squire Blockade - Stun, Power, HP You have to get up and work when the rollers come, aside from that, its pretty boring. Enjoy
  9. There are still players there, they are just running them private because it makes more sense.
  10. Snipe is cool for being able to hang in the air in front of new players. DPS? Nope
  11. I went from Level 0 to C7 playing private 95% of the time. Since I've capped C7, I play public to help out others. It is just more efficient to run solo in DD2. I am sure that is something else on the "to do" list for Trendy.
  12. I must have missed that part. I read that they would just be making it easier to hit the existing cap. Then again, if that is the case, they will have even more people in the same situation as I am now. We'll see
  13. Trendy, Is there a rough timeline for when C8 or Endless mode will come to patch? Adding 4 new maps into the C7 rotation will help make C7 a little more interesting, but for those of us that are gear capped and just farming ascension/helping newbies, are there any plans in the not too distant future for content?
  14. DD1 had variety at the start that DD2 does not. If for nothing else, because we needed MORE gear in DD1 to be effective. 1. Pets were useful in DD1, and many hours were spent delving into that aspect of the game. In DD2, they're a footnote...at best. Except for a couple of abilities, they offer zero utility or DPS. 2. You needed DPS Gear AND tower building gear. In DD2, you literally need RNG to hand you a decent relic for your Flame Aura or Weapon Manufacturer, and you are good to go. 3. DD1 offered difficulty levels on EVERY map. Even before the cool gimmick maps, we had multiple difficulty levels AND challenges for every map. DD2 offers C7, one of a few maps chosen randomly. 4. The loot system is terrible. Seriously. The fact that multiple page long guides have been written about how to progress shows you that some serious love is needed. Or an Item Power Level stat, perhaps? Put a stop to the Alt+Tab spreadsheets please! DD2 has ridiculous potential. Trendy just has to get some content/variety into place before the playerbase moves on. Fingers crossed.
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