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  1. "Gravity" on the Commadore 64. Yep.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Looks like Ill be getting back into DD then. I had so much fun last time. Cheers.
  3. Hi everyone! I played back when the game first came out. I left DD ages ago when they decided to try and add end-game content. I think the last map added back then was the Monster Rush or something(?). I have been thinking of playing again but have a question... Last I played, end game didn't really exist unless you could do hours and hours on Survival missions (I think Survival Alchemy was popular). Is this still the case? The gear jump after the campaign was rather insane back then and I found it too hard to continue. I think my best gear was level 42 and hardcore players had o
  4. Havnt played in over a month. Think I won't bother returning. Campaign was great fun though. Once I started doing insane the timer during build times annoyed me so I left. Oh well. :demon:
  5. I don't play DD anymore. Neither do my bro and friend. We loved the campaign levels and it all fell apart after that. So, unlike many people, our upgrades on gear was about 35-45. If i had my way, Id make trendy start from the ground up. Fix content for gear around 35 and allow progression from there. Our only progression was to do Survival at the time and we didnt last one map (was super boring and bro and friend left for other games). Also, Insane difficulty, although doable for us was not as much fun. The timer during building rounds was annoying as hell. Another reason we le
  6. What Pale said. I left DD as well. End game sounds like a huge mmo grind to me. Personally I think the journey to 72 is better then being at 72.
  7. Hi Trendy and fellow gamers, First, Im a big fan of DD. Its one of my fav games and was so much fun. The suggestion post I make is to explain why myself and 2 others quit DD and what could have made things better. Normally I don't bother, especially since we havnt played for a number of weeks now but as I mentioned, Im a big fan and want Trendy to do well. The first impressions of DD is the great artstyle and gameplay. Very important! The maps all look fantastic, the characters interesting.. what else can I say? :) Even the new stuff looks great which surprised me. Also, the new
  8. in-game tool tips would help a lot. One big issue was users not realising loot will turn to mana after a round.
  9. The game was never ment to have end game content like it does. The company never expected so many people would like this game, let alone have the demand for the content that they ask for. The game was suppose to be like any other indie game; log on, play for a bit and leave. Not "we want more hardcore loots, keep us playing raaaghhh"! I think you should all be thankful they're trying to fulfill the need of the players. They actually do listen and the constant patch notes are them trying to make it better. Personally I think you're all better off to go and play an mmo game as the hardc
  10. i'm sad, somebody took my christmas present now they won't give me my mana back :( It seems a lot of people had their gifts taken. Keep hearing about it. DD community is the worst iv ever played with.
  11. Cheers. I seem to have all the DLC's except the CTF (blah, don't want that). I have sent a ticket to Steam Support. :)
  12. so I entered my tavern for the first time after then xmas event and a guy joins me the same sec I create and steals everything that was in the cheast :/ moral of the story ppl are ****s even on xmas... Congratulations to the creep who stole the gift. He won the "douch achievement". Lots of people have it though. And like all achievements, once you have it, you can't remove it. :)
  13. Hi Trendy team, I have all the content for DD however the last purchase for DD doesn't work. When I activate any Nightmare mode game I get the following: Nightmare Mode Locked Get the 'Lost Eternia Shards Complete DLC' to ulock Nightmare Mode! Well, everything works but nightmare. Even the new levels work. I tried your fix to run the Steam "Verify Integrity of Game Cache.." and re-log as a different user. This failed to work, even though it did find issues: "2 files failed to validate and will be reacquired". I tried it twice. I have a high end pc with Windows7. Never
  14. To keep on topic, to do Nightmare you need to (this is from what iv read on the forums if you looked) do Uber Monster Fest hard or insane but more Survival mode to get gear. Or better, Mixed Survival. Unfortunately as a casual doing that isnt going to help you as you will run into the hours and hours of playing. Its a broken system. I have a lot of hours on DD but im casual and gave up a few weeks ago. Been playing other stuff. I just refuse to do boring content such as Survival. And UMF is too hard to solo. Meh.
  15. I find with many games, including DD, when you try something new it kicks your butt. Yet there is always a strategy you will eventually try, it works, and you slap your forehead thinking "omg, its so easy now". With DD, I dunno sometimes. I pretty much gave up when UMF came around. I can't gear up too well. I started playing other games until it all sorts itself out (if that ever happens).
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