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  1. Annarchy is showing midriff. Her character is a 12 year old girl, and at no time in any of the comics has she been seen wearing a shirt that short. Why did you feel the need to do this? Just curious. To appeal to the pedos out there?
  2. Also, harpoon towers take way too long to change targets. Overall it's a very situational tower and a complete waste of DU in most strategies.
  3. This thread is incredibly funny. I'm seriously laughing reading some of these posts. This thread should be in textbooks of "How to fail at debating, arguing or making any sort of logical point" LOCK it?!? Please STICKY it, as a PSA to all future baddies who would make such useless threads, at how silly they actually look when they think they are coming off as intelligent typing laboriously long posts with zero actual substance.
  4. Laughably poor reasoning with 80% presumption and 20% conjecture. "This pizza place told me multiple times there would be no pepperoni, but I want pepperoni, and since I paid for pizza, I should have pepperoni. Even though I fully knew there would be no pepperoni, the fact that I didn't get any pepperoni means the pizza place got my order WRONG." This thread is incredibly funny. I'm seriously laughing reading some of these posts. This thread should be in textbooks of "How to fail at debating, arguing or making any sort of logical point" But there's no getting through to lazy, entitled
  5. cowardly backpedalling and superfluous garbage I took nothing out of context. I don't even think you know what that means. I quoted your entire post and utilized the LOGIC that YOU PROVIDED and put it up for scrutiny. Your logic was flawed, and your defense to it was "it was taken out of context." Speaking of dictionaries, go find out what that phrase actually means before throwing it around. But you're right about one thing, this argument (if it can even be called one, more like you putting up weak logical points and me crushing them) is completely over. Keep hoping someone will make
  6. I never said you can't get better at DD. I said there is a wall that many can't surpass as it's simply the limit of their skill. Everyone has a wall. Maybe yours is higher then others for DD. It doesn't particularly matter. The problem is the difficulty is too hard for the majority. I'm glad you're proud to be in the minority, but I don't care as I'm not you. I'm the majority and I want it easier, simple enough for you? See the dozens upon dozens of threads regarding this and you'll understand better that you are the minority. Calling us lazy is just a troll defense and all you've done this en
  7. If people spent half their time complaining and more time actually playing the game and earning loot, they would realize just how silly they look. I've never seen a loot gap, I've never found spiders overpowered, and I wouldn't even consider myself a hardcore player. Where am I right now? Currently on my way to completing the Nightmare campaign. People complain because they don't want to try. Complainers gon' complain. I'm going to actually enjoy the game. This. Lazy gamers are too lazy to try to get better, just easier to cry and whine on the forums in hopes someone just magically makes
  8. Sorry, I'm not as good as you.. what a jerk.. Christ, not everyone is you. Everyone has various skill levels and everyone has a wall for those skill levels. Can I draw, yes. Can I draw as well as Picasso? No and no amount of persistence will let me reach that level of artistic ability, because I simply don't work that way. The thing mommy and daddy said "you can do and be anything when you grow up" is completely untrue. Recognizing your strengths and respecting your weaknesses is a fact of life. I just so happen to not be as good as you, sorry. To punish me for that, after I've paid Tendy, is
  9. I'll just make a typical response from a bad player who rages because he's bad. Ho hum, just another day in baddie-ville.
  10. I didn't have a single legit point in this thread and got called out on it, so I responded with another non-point. Step lively.
  11. Basically what this means is, you can buy hacked items, and as long as you don't play with people who are likely to report you, or you play solo, you'll be absolutely fine. Pretty lame IMO, (Being a gaming purist, I'd never use hacked anything purely out of principle, more fun to do it legit anyway) but hey, this isn't a competitive game, so I guess hacking doesn't really hurt anyone, unless PVP starts taking off...
  12. Yet another QQ thread full of lazy gamers who want things handed to them. Move along, nothing to see here.... "Cookie cutter builds" lol who do you think MAKES these builds? The skilled gamers who spent time coming up with the strategies and graciously share them with the rest of the community. It takes time and a good amount of trial and error to come up with a good strategy. While many people have taken these builds and started beating the content as well, too many lazy gamers just sit and complain about how "impossible" nightmare is without mythical gear. My friends and I beat every
  13. Auction is now re-opened for the robot, as the buyer fell through on that one. It'll end in 5 hours.
  14. Why you play DOTA2? It's exactly identical to DOTA, that's free. Down to the art assets, map design, and heroes. (No, seriously, they ripped content out of DOTA in order to build DOTA2). Because I like DOTA, and I want to keep playing it with new people, AND a reconnection feature. Too many times I've been involved in a good match only to have someone lose connection 25 minutes in, ruining the game. Also, Dota 2 will have less drops, because the game stats will keep track of rage quitters.
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