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  1. http://prntscr.com/8uym9z :^D Don't know what to put here.
  2. This thread may as well be deleted, then. :^P At least I can tell people in other threads now, when they complain about the bag system stuff.
  3. http://prntscr.com/8uf6p2 After the crystal thing died, the ogre started blocking http://prntscr.com/8uf7lk Easily fixed by taunting him out, though
  4. One idea I have is "The ladder", basically it's onslaught but every so many waves saves your progress. You can re-connect to the game with green mana in-tact, on that specific wave, though possibly with different people on the same wave. If you lose, you lose your ladder wave score save whatever. Basically a softer version of onslaught, I guess? Every higher wave could have a map change, too.
  5. Yeah, I'd much prefer being able to move back and forth with WASD while attacking in the same direction. Comes more natural to me, at least.
  6. Omg I totally forgot about that, that's the dumbest thing so far haha. I guess they don't effect you yet though thankfully, but hopefully leaving alone will get its fix first.
  7. A possible fix for the defense level cap is a small "soft cap", as well as raising the defense limit. Getting penalized is weird in match making in general, too. If you're only paired with one person and it stops searching, you have to wait to lose instead if you two aren't strong enough on your own. Another change to make things less boring are more tactically difficult bosses.
  8. I agree the creep in power has made the difficulties relatively easy outside of campaign... A good way to potentially make rewards in higher difficulties could be ample chances to get tokens, while the gear not being so strong it makes the difficulty a joke. I do find the legendary gear itself still very hard to find, though. Of course, even Epic armour is enough to make the waves a easy. I'd honestly find incentive to play difficult still, if not for the challenge then at least for something that's more limited. However, maybe it's because the difficulty is mostly stat based. I don't know ho
  9. Was playing incursion, no-one except one person connected. And a few minutes of waiting, I got this gem. http://prntscr.com/8tryio
  10. He's the Knuckles of Defenders Boom He's meant to be a little goofy. What I'd really like to see is some REAL lore, like IN DEPTH, YO. Maybe Squire ate paint chips as a kids, who knows? We'd know more about him, though. Maybe the Apprentice is only really an Apprentice because he didn't believe in his school's linear system, was too chaotic, and had to leave. And ends up being the best magician ever. BAR NONE.
  11. 6 out of far less. I didn't count, but it sounds like you need to pray to RNGsus more.
  12. Almost everything is the same - You leave items on the ground and they pick up immediately. Except they get sold instead. You could let the player apply settings for what gets sold instantly (minimum required rarity), for example. This can be set on a box so that if someone wants only a set amount of items filling up your boxes so you can view them later. You may even decide to only want so many Epic or Mythical items, have one box fill up with only the good stuff, and sell more epics or mythicals when it gets a little much. Although not many people would do this, they could if they reall
  13. BASED ON EVERYTHING...I have... An idea... AUTOSELL! Do I need to say more? really I think it's pretty obvious what the concept is. Basically everything is the same - You leave items on the ground and they pick up immediately. But with auto-sell, everything is sold instead of going into your inventory. Could let the player apply settings for what gets sold instantly (minimum required rarity), for example. How badass is my idea, rate 9 to 10.
  14. The difficulty is a bit of an odd issue for me I can't tell if it's way too easy on Free Play, or if my old stat distribution and low powered items just affected me that much when it came to Betsy Either way though, Betsy boss herself is WAAAY too easy, she dies super quick and it ends all the waves. No need for defence. The game ends instantly. I found the waves in campain to be fair though, not too hard or too easy. Maybe the stats should decrease slower with more points, rather than have a sudden stop. I think the reason I find it easy right now is because I have all the points I could put
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