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  1. Concerning loot drops I feel like the OP. They are to rare and it's demotivating. I also see the gold problem but right now I upgrade with defender medals what works out. I have a decent amount of shards so I don't bother about these as much. Basically I play 2-4 maps a day (c5) and since the patch i win ~3/4 of those (flyers sometimes kill me since patch, my win rate before the patch was slightly lower though). I am at the highest ipwr and my main dps has all slots filled with blue 60/60 gear of highest ipwr and prefered stat combination. It's the same for most towers I use. I have gotten 0 u
  2. I see a lot of problems with assassins, too. I'd be happy with something on the lines of - Fixing the perma silence bug - Decreasing spawn amount by 33-50% - Increasing assassin damage by 25-50% - Increasing assassin health by 66-100% For me the most annoying things are the silence bug and the raw amount of assassins (-> silence spam). Right now with c5 gear assassins die to stuff like pdts in seconds and with c5 armor and 60k+ health you can already survive an attack of 3-4 assassins pretty easily. The main problem is the amount of assassins which often leads to chaos. You can control lo
  3. Will there be any changes to loot drops? Or at least buffs to marks and orbs? I find it very frustrating as it is right now. Maybe I have bad luck but idk. I still struggle with c5 but it's really hard to upgrade gear when in 5 runs you only get 1 blue 15 up medallion. Orbs and marks are pretty much useless, armor and weapons seem to drop all the time but the most important stuff, totems and medals, seem to be way to rare. And if I get one it's blue or only has 15ups. I feel like I have to struggle with my 50% chaos win rate until better totems/relics drop and after 2-3 runs with no noticable
  4. C5 might be a little to hard for players in c4 gear but it's way to easy for players in c5 gear. People outscale "endgame" pretty fast (at least in singleplayer, multiplayer c5 seems "fine" for a group of ppl with c5 gear). I think the last available difficulty should only grant a minor ipwr improvement but more gold/medals/loot than the previous ones. This would allow the "endgame" to stay difficult for a lot longer instead of becoming easy after overcoming a "wall" (-> the step from c4 to c5 gear). Your thoughts on the matter? On another note: Is the bad ramster range scaling intended?
  5. The shard has to be leveled to max
  6. Most request to increase DU limit are not because of balance. Players want an increased DU limit to have more build variability, more choices and more complex tower setups. I'm all for an increase in DU limit but obviously trendy would need to change the difficulty/rebalance towers as well to keep it approx. the same. I don't get the argument of: Don't increase our choices because the game is to easy already. Yeah the game in maxed out gear is easy right now. The most difficult part is getting those first C5 drops. That's already flawed because the most difficult gameplay is not at the end of
  7. Thanks for sharing a way to get medals but imo that has nothing to do with respeccing being way to expensive (especially in comparison to the time needed to relvl a hero). Right now I'd recommend to everyone to relevel their heroes in c1 (if possible multiple at once) instead of spending medals. Always use medals to upgrade gear or buy heroes. Respeccing is the most inefficient way to use resources.
  8. It's even more ridicoulus when you level multiple characters at once. If I remember correctly you need 5 c1 map wins to reach lvl 50. That would yield 125 defender medals.... and 1 to 3 unspecced lvl 50s (worth 200-600 medals). Respeccing should be the "shortcut". That means with 5 c1 maps to max lvl respeccing should cost less than 125 (medals you get during leveling) / 3 (heroes you can lvl at once) medals and therefore ~40 medals per respec to be worthwhile. Right now during the time you farm medals for 1 respec you can almost level 6 heroes to max level (almost 8 if you build and then cl
  9. I also think c5 in max c5 gear is easier than nm4 in max nm4 gear. The only thing that's way more difficult is getting the first decent drops of the next chaos level. But maybe that's for another thread. On topic: I also think the DU limits are way to low. Ofc I also think that an increase in max DU needs to happen with some other balance changes. I'd enjoy the game way more if I had double the du limit but towers that have half their damage output. More DU allows for more diversity. It allows more optimized, fun or complex builds. Best case I even have to think about whether I want to place
  10. 200 defender medals is just way to high. Trendy needs to reduce the cost or even introduce an option to pay with gold. It's so expensive that I rather level up a new char to 50 because it's way faster than grinding 200 medals. Players even thinking if recreating a character is more efficient than respeccing is a very clear sign of respeccing being to expensive.
  11. ^ 100% agree Do you know if there is one today?
  12. Yeah nice! DU is only an issue for 80% of the game :) I agree that the DU limit is to low and should be increased, but balanced accordingly. I think removing the DU limit would be bad. Also t1 towers are way to strong and all upgrades are to weak for their price. Players should have to make meaningful choices between building more or upgrading towers. Right now it's always: Build everything turn 1! No choice, no variation, nothing more :( Players shouldn't be able to reach the DU limit before wave 1.
  13. I meant the 25000 probably is a typo like the 30% defense crit chance of the pdt which should've been 3% from the start. Afaik there is no other tower with such ridiculous scaling on the gambit. I think the ramsters gambit as it is right now oftentimes makes the tower worse instead of better, what obviously should never be the case. Players shouldn't even have to wonder if spending ascension points might make their stuff worse. If the low range increase of the ramster is really intended they should remove the decrease of defense power from the gambit. The defense power decrease should've been
  14. Probably a typo like with the extra 0 on the pdt crit rate. #plsfix
  15. I agree with this. If there is an easiest map trendy should be able to identify this easily (e.g. looking out how often which map is played). Then they could easily make changes to the enemy stats or enemy spawning to bring the map in line with others of the same chaos tier.
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