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  1. Thanks for clarifying. (sometimes I have a bit of a hard time to understand spoken english...) Now that really sounds like they wanna make 2 games. o.O
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing. What's weird here. I have found two links on Augi Lye's twitter profile page. One had a region lock for me, the other worked and I could read it. Now both are locked. ^^°
  3. Thanks. That's what I actually thought. That they somehow consider DDA as DD3. Maybe we're lucky and we get an official response about this.
  4. Maybe I have understood this wrong: I had thought DDA is considered to be something like DD3. When did they mention DD3 too?
  5. Well... I have played DD1 so much... I cannot play it again. Their kickstarter page makes it look like it will be mostly a reboot. After a long break and a lot of waiting, now it is the frist time I regret that I have supported DD2. I did not lose my faith until the very end. Now I know there won't be much improvements anymore.
  6. I have similar experiences with Lost Temple. Since we only play as a team of 2 (because we don't enjoy how DD2 handles public games), it is a great pain to run around on those huge maps. Whenever we have to play Lost Temple, we simply quit and do something else. To be honest I don't see anything that could be done better. There's always a map someone hates. Basically I do like the idea of the Lost Temple, but it is a bit frustraing. ^^ A good suggestion about that came already in 2015 (maybe a bit earlier) but unfortunately, Trendy decided not to implement this: Someone suggested we should be able to activate/deactivate certain modificators which would make the maps harder but would also give better loot. Examples were inspired on what DD1 had for its survival maps: hardcore (if you die, respawn only in build phase), mixed mode (harder enemies and random intervalls), etc. By doing so, those settings wouldn't be mandatory but whoever seeks a harder challenge (as well as better loot) might be happy about it.
  7. Dreizehn

    Market F.A.Q

    If I put something in my market place, how long do other players see it? As long as I am online or longer? Until now I have tried a few times to go to the markets via the War Table. Whenever I did this, I got to the market map where I found only empty boothes. I have never seen any saleable object. Am I doing something wrong or is the market empty? When I go to the Town and browse player shops, I can see enough goods for sale which I have not seen on the market map.
  8. Thanks. Yesterday's farming did not bring me luck. Today I have found Shocking Revelations in a player shop. (I have never thought about looking there ^^°)
  9. Sounds pretty cool. Today was not a lucky day but I'll keep searching for that Shocking Revelation. I just have to keep in mind it's a mod and not a shard. ^^
  10. Thanks for the responses and explanations. I already have the water mod on the relict for my weapon manufacturer. ...good to know that i can only one element. ^^ I was not aware of that, so I was rather clueless why tinkering with my flame aura was a waste. So I will keep an eye open to my drops in hope to obtain a relict with shocking revelations on it. I was not sure if I should play EV2 or if it is enough to have her in my deck, so thanks again... I'll keep her active now. [[184562,users]] I am playing on PC. ^^ ...that would have been a cool coincidence though.
  11. Wow, thanks for mentioning. I better keep an eye if this happens to me too.
  12. Yesterday I have joined a public game where a guy managed to stun all the enemies only by using weapon manufacturer and flame auras. At first I thought that I should just use water and storm servos, but then I realized I cannot use storm servos for flame auras. (no idea why) Any idea how this build/combo was possible?
  13. Thanks. In the end playing around made it possible.
  14. Thanks! I guess that one saved me some ressources. ^^
  15. Thanks for confirming that we did not become insane. ^^ I hope this won't happen on C5 too. Does anybody know how long the timer is after which the game kills the enemies by default?
  16. Since yesterday we have the problem that the Draken Lord simply does not care anymore if we use Oil Flask and Piercing Shot on him. Every time he appears. we need to keep our barricades alive until the game kills him. No matter how often we repeat this. Has anyone else encountered this problem? The sole reason I can think about (although this should not be possible) is that it is because of our Proton Beams. We have started using them yesterday and the stun seems to be displayed as an frozen enemy, if I get this right. Any ideas how this should be handled? edit: We have now deleted the Proton Beams but it still took about 8 or nine Oil Flasks + Piercing Shots until he was ignited. Did anyone else experience this? From my point of view this makes harder levels impossible thanks to what seems like a broken mechanic.
  17. We are currently playing Dragonfall Bazaar on C4. I am building Proton Beams on each lane and so far it was never a problem to build a Proton Beam with 10 nodes. Now I can build 2 Proton Beams with 10 nodes, but when I try to build the third one, I can only build 9 nodes. Whenever I try to build the 10th one, the Beam simply disappears. There are enough DU left. When I try to build my third 10-Node-Proton Beam, there are still 190 DU left. Is there a node-limitation for each map? On Burried Bastille I have never had this problem.
  18. The game tells me I need a plain talisman/shiny talisman for rerolling my weapon's stats. I understand that I have not found the shiny one yet because I haven't played Chaos 4 that much. ...but I have no idea how I should get the plain one because its description says it can be found on Chaos 1, 2 and 3. I have played those difficulties pretty often and I have never seen a single one. Is the description wrong or is the chance that low?
  19. I am still not sure, but do Flamethrowers and Fire Auras both combine with oil and set him on fire?
  20. How is the current state of auto-sell? I can auto-collect from a certain rarity on but I am not sure what happens to the other loot (and gold) at the end of the map. Can I ignore it because it will be auto-sold (and the gold collected) or will I lose it if I ignore it?
  21. We currently have a community with 2 people for testing purposes. All I can find is to promote and demote the other player, but I cannot find out how to write in the community chat. How do I do this? Is there a possibility to join the other players' place (like private tavern) or is the steam way the only way atm?
  22. Hey! I didn't think of that. Now it does sound that it could really be possible! And to also add the fact that you can use the mats from the vault at anywhere too. Those are 2 great points. I also did not think of this. ^^
  23. Thanks for stating your opinions. For example I was not aware others might want to put materials on the market. That's exactly my point. Since I have purchased the Material Vault, I cannot find its exact desciption anymore, but I remember having read something like 'access the Material Vault from everywhere'. Now I know this referring to using materials - but not putting materials in it (what is expected because of the description). Auto-collect is a great feature and would fit the Material Vault perfectly.
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