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  1. Thank you very much for your detailed answers. Yes, your answers help a lot. (Of course it is too early to talk about DLCs, I just wanted to mention that I think it would be totally fair if additional heroes would come with DLCs just like they did at DD1.) The timer for the build phase just meant to me that I started the build phase on an easier difficulty, set my defenses, memorized the order and repeated it on nm difficulty. Actually it did not seem like any additional difficulty but an additional chore to me. Well... I understand taste is very different here. Maybe some people might be lucky if they would add this option next to hc and mm? (The missing build timer was my most enjoyed feature at DD2. ^^ Suddenly I could relax while playing. If it wasn't for the afk timer... ^^ ) About King's Game (thanks @gnollmar for mentioning this) ... I don't think my efficiency was that bad. My runs happened when KG was rather new and maps like moonbase or Tinkerer's Lap did not exist. It was extremely rare to get stats higher than 4k back then and I did a Jester Build + Summoner build. Therefore I had to start on wave 1 every time. Sometimes we had to pause it overnight (which brings me to the afk timer again - so it is not really off topic now ^^) and continued the next day. All in all it was a lot of fun.
  2. Thank you for the answers. Last sunday we have lost our winning streak on DD2 because we had to cook and missed to jump during build phase. ^^ King's Game survival on nightmare took us about 5 hours. That was a pain. I am one of the minority who liked how the survival worked at DDE. One straight hour without a break or build phase in between was really brutal.
  3. Your reveal about DDA was rather surprising to me and to be honest at first I just thought I have supported DD2 for nothing because now it's gonna be scrapped. At first sight, the kickstarter looks to me as if this will be a DD1 reboot with better graphics and new UI. Reading the description helped me over this first impression and I have started to think about questions I'd like to ask you. I think some of those might be interesting to others as well. Maybe some can be used as an inspiration - and maybe some can be a help for your kickstarter FAQ site. It would be great if you could answer some of the questions. (I'm realistic - I don't think you want to reveal all of this at once) Yes, I am one of those wo like DD1 more than DD2 but I have to say that DD2 also has features I totally prefer over DD2. (eg. hero swap, no build timer, no mana chests) At your kickstarter page you have mentioned the forge is in our pocket. Does that mean we will be able to access the inventory from everywhere like we did in DD2? Will you use DD2's hero swap feature and will we be able to swap heroes during combat phase? Will we have mana nodes like in DD2 or do we have to open chests for mana in DDA? Will there be an AFK timer? Will there be costumes and tower skins? Do you want to use a build timer like in DD1 after certain difficulties or keep the more relaxed build mode from DD2? Since there was a bit of a demand at DD2 for implementing pets like we had in DD1: Will you reintroduce DD1's pets? Will there be shards and mods? Can we expect some of DD2's shards (skills)? Stunning and boom servos are awesome. (and would make great animations possible in DDA) Do you wanna keep DD2's item reroll system, change it or even trash it? Will it be possible to keep and evolve our weapons and armor like we can do it in DD? Will you use maps from DD1 and DD2 or only DD1? DD2's subcores limited some lanes (like Dragonfall Bazaar or the two sewer maps) so there was no possibility to make a build that was really fun. Will you use subcores in DDA again? If yes, will you change it so the problem's with DD2's map/lane limitation won't be repeated? Will there be DD2's heroes? Will even more heroes come? (Man and Machine, etc.) How will Hero leveling work? Do you want to keep DD2's system or will the players level each hero separately like we did at DD1? Do you intend do keep the idea of ascension levels or will the hero be maxed out at a specific level? At your kickstarter page we can see that enemies react to traps (being thrown through the air) and harpoons (being pinned to the wall) in a creative and more detailed way that we know it from DD1. Any chance you can give us some more examples at present? Do you want to keep defenses' speed/dmg/range rather civil or will we be able to obtain stats similar to DD1? (especially aura size and harpoon speed) Will I be able to give items to other players? On Twitter I have seen you have mentioned that you wanna bring back local gameplay. Will it be able to use our local game-heroes online too or do we have to restart from scratch if we decide to play online after a while? Since DD1 had a lot of problems with hacked gear where even innocent players could be banned because they have traded gear without knowing it was hacked and DD2 was advertised not to have these problems because it is 100 % server sided: How will these problems be prevented with DDA if we can play local too? How do you intend to handle online features like group/party, kick/ignore? At DD1 one player had full control while control was shared at DD2. Both systems can be abused and led to a lot of discussion in the past. What is your focus here?
  4. Thanks for clarifying. (sometimes I have a bit of a hard time to understand spoken english...) Now that really sounds like they wanna make 2 games. o.O
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing. What's weird here. I have found two links on Augi Lye's twitter profile page. One had a region lock for me, the other worked and I could read it. Now both are locked. ^^°
  6. Thanks. That's what I actually thought. That they somehow consider DDA as DD3. Maybe we're lucky and we get an official response about this.
  7. Maybe I have understood this wrong: I had thought DDA is considered to be something like DD3. When did they mention DD3 too?
  8. Well... I have played DD1 so much... I cannot play it again. Their kickstarter page makes it look like it will be mostly a reboot. After a long break and a lot of waiting, now it is the frist time I regret that I have supported DD2. I did not lose my faith until the very end. Now I know there won't be much improvements anymore.
  9. I have similar experiences with Lost Temple. Since we only play as a team of 2 (because we don't enjoy how DD2 handles public games), it is a great pain to run around on those huge maps. Whenever we have to play Lost Temple, we simply quit and do something else. To be honest I don't see anything that could be done better. There's always a map someone hates. Basically I do like the idea of the Lost Temple, but it is a bit frustraing. ^^ A good suggestion about that came already in 2015 (maybe a bit earlier) but unfortunately, Trendy decided not to implement this: Someone suggested we should be able to activate/deactivate certain modificators which would make the maps harder but would also give better loot. Examples were inspired on what DD1 had for its survival maps: hardcore (if you die, respawn only in build phase), mixed mode (harder enemies and random intervalls), etc. By doing so, those settings wouldn't be mandatory but whoever seeks a harder challenge (as well as better loot) might be happy about it.
  10. Dreizehn

    Market F.A.Q

    If I put something in my market place, how long do other players see it? As long as I am online or longer? Until now I have tried a few times to go to the markets via the War Table. Whenever I did this, I got to the market map where I found only empty boothes. I have never seen any saleable object. Am I doing something wrong or is the market empty? When I go to the Town and browse player shops, I can see enough goods for sale which I have not seen on the market map.
  11. Thanks. Yesterday's farming did not bring me luck. Today I have found Shocking Revelations in a player shop. (I have never thought about looking there ^^°)
  12. Sounds pretty cool. Today was not a lucky day but I'll keep searching for that Shocking Revelation. I just have to keep in mind it's a mod and not a shard. ^^
  13. Thanks for the responses and explanations. I already have the water mod on the relict for my weapon manufacturer. ...good to know that i can only one element. ^^ I was not aware of that, so I was rather clueless why tinkering with my flame aura was a waste. So I will keep an eye open to my drops in hope to obtain a relict with shocking revelations on it. I was not sure if I should play EV2 or if it is enough to have her in my deck, so thanks again... I'll keep her active now. [[184562,users]] I am playing on PC. ^^ ...that would have been a cool coincidence though.
  14. Wow, thanks for mentioning. I better keep an eye if this happens to me too.
  15. Yesterday I have joined a public game where a guy managed to stun all the enemies only by using weapon manufacturer and flame auras. At first I thought that I should just use water and storm servos, but then I realized I cannot use storm servos for flame auras. (no idea why) Any idea how this build/combo was possible?
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