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  1. Thanks for clarifying. (sometimes I have a bit of a hard time to understand spoken english...) Now that really sounds like they wanna make 2 games. o.O
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing. What's weird here. I have found two links on Augi Lye's twitter profile page. One had a region lock for me, the other worked and I could read it. Now both are locked. ^^°
  3. Thanks. That's what I actually thought. That they somehow consider DDA as DD3. Maybe we're lucky and we get an official response about this.
  4. Maybe I have understood this wrong: I had thought DDA is considered to be something like DD3. When did they mention DD3 too?
  5. Well... I have played DD1 so much... I cannot play it again. Their kickstarter page makes it look like it will be mostly a reboot. After a long break and a lot of waiting, now it is the frist time I regret that I have supported DD2. I did not lose my faith until the very end. Now I know there won't be much improvements anymore.
  6. I have similar experiences with Lost Temple. Since we only play as a team of 2 (because we don't enjoy how DD2 handles public games), it is a great pain to run around on those huge maps. Whenever we have to play Lost Temple, we simply quit and do something else. To be honest I don't see anything that could be done better. There's always a map someone hates. Basically I do like the idea of the Lost Temple, but it is a bit frustraing. ^^ A good suggestion about that came already in 2015 (maybe a bit earlier) but unfortunately, Trendy decided not to implement this: Someone suggested we should
  7. Thanks. Yesterday's farming did not bring me luck. Today I have found Shocking Revelations in a player shop. (I have never thought about looking there ^^°)
  8. Sounds pretty cool. Today was not a lucky day but I'll keep searching for that Shocking Revelation. I just have to keep in mind it's a mod and not a shard. ^^
  9. Thanks for the responses and explanations. I already have the water mod on the relict for my weapon manufacturer. ...good to know that i can only one element. ^^ I was not aware of that, so I was rather clueless why tinkering with my flame aura was a waste. So I will keep an eye open to my drops in hope to obtain a relict with shocking revelations on it. I was not sure if I should play EV2 or if it is enough to have her in my deck, so thanks again... I'll keep her active now. [[184562,users]] I am playing on PC. ^^ ...that would have been a cool coincidence though.
  10. Wow, thanks for mentioning. I better keep an eye if this happens to me too.
  11. Yesterday I have joined a public game where a guy managed to stun all the enemies only by using weapon manufacturer and flame auras. At first I thought that I should just use water and storm servos, but then I realized I cannot use storm servos for flame auras. (no idea why) Any idea how this build/combo was possible?
  12. Thanks. In the end playing around made it possible.
  13. Thanks! I guess that one saved me some ressources. ^^
  14. Thanks for confirming that we did not become insane. ^^ I hope this won't happen on C5 too. Does anybody know how long the timer is after which the game kills the enemies by default?
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