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  1. hey i know this is off topic but i wanted thank the CDT for all there hard work on this game you are bringing new life to this game so thank you so much for doing this for everyone who loves and plays this game....sorry for spelling
  2. hey just wondering is there a way to change the color of a weapon?
  3. ummmm i got my data back i take a long brake from dd1 becues i lost my save and when i logged in i got my save back idk who to thank for this but thank
  4. for this one i disagree one of the many reasons i love the jester is that all 4 weapons can spawn so it is easier to grind gear for all heroes with the jester maybe it can be a setting or something idk......also i love what the CDT has done can't wait for update 3 keep up the grate job
  5. they have bot respond yet how long dose take for them to respond?
  6. well i think it is to late becues i have loged in a phew times trying to get it back and i have a phew heros on the new save but i will try thanks anyway
  7. Hi i have lost all of my ranked data i don't know how or why but is there any why i can get it back?
  8. welll if you do need skin or/and hero ideas i am 100% shere that if you make a post about it here you will get a lot of ideas
  9. may i ask when to you plan on haveing a playable open beta? for patch 3
  10. A possibility... maybe. It would require an astronomical amount of work to design the hero, defenses, balance, and determine which weapon(s) they would use. I wouldn't remotely expect it, but if we have plans to make one, you guys would definitely be involved throughout the whole process. Personally I wouldn't mind another hero that uses minion units... what about more hero skins?
  11. may i ask are new heros and/or skins a posabillaty? will it might happen?
  12. i honestly don't like A or B so i will vote for c :p
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