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  1. I couldnt tell you the last time I played this game (i think the meta had frosty mage towers mixed wit a couple types of traps or something). With that said I tried to read a loot system guide for the new way to progress and I didnt understand it at all. I cant seem to even figure out how to look at the gear a toon is wearing, and i tried a nm1 trial (i used to solo nm2-3) and gor destroyed. I am so lost now! So I was hoping someone who is well versed in this game and has some patience could add my psn, mic up, and help be my tutorial buddy. I could read and read and read but I dont understa
  2. I do like the dps of her abilities esp the one u mentioned but i dont like relying on that ability due to cooldown so im thinkin goin for a hd/hcd build then. So what spheres then?
  3. Oh okay thanks for the info! So HD is the stat that enhances this passive for sure?
  4. I accidentally found a thread that i spent far too long trying to find again so Ima ask for help. I saw somewhere on this site ppl refering to a weapon that makes the monk a good dps. I THINK it was said that it transforms his L2 atk into purple orbs or something. I found a wep from power surge that turns his L2 into a floating cloud and you can zap enemies. This is cool but doesnt seem TOO strong and i dont think this is what i read about. So, what did i read about and how do i get it? Or did a patch ruin it? Thanks!
  5. Finally earned up the medals for my gunwitch and i wana make a dps. So a few questions are in order :) First know that I cant handle anything harder than defense nm4 (so almost all nm4 incrusions i cant do jus yet) so keep that in mind as you go to answer me :) 1) How should I place her points as she levels? 2) What spheres should I aim for? 3) Where should i get the best gear for her i can within what I can handle? (Mentioned above) What stats to aim for? Any weapons with epic passives for her and if so where? Thanks in advance!
  6. I noticed when your somewhat outside it goes away. I wonder if its some cave/interior echo effect gone wrong
  7. The inventory has always had some kinda quirk to it one way or another, some more annoying than others. They really need to revamp that whole system. Start from scratch. But yeah its doing the exact same thing to me
  8. I love the simplicity yet depth. Various ways to strengthen yourself and strategies you can utilize for the different types of things you can do. I like that I always have something to work toward. And I especially love how someone can come over, never have played the game, hop on my alt acc with dps toons, and wreck face with me xD
  9. Now is it just me or on some maps audio is all messed up? Sounding like the ambient volume (that u cant control) is on max. Another thing is (and i didnt notice this till i used purge evil so idk if its the weapon makin noise or what) when i am on my monk i hear even more trash noise. But yeah this has been driving me nuts cuz even when I have music of my own playing i still balance volumes so i can hear sfx and im curious if its just me or not, and if there is anything i can do bout it. Also, sliding the sfx option doesnt seem to effect the noises i am talking about, and it doesnt happen on
  10. I believe they do cuz ive been seeing alot of bags of gold when i never did in lanes where just my defenses did the killing. My thought is that although the description makes it sound like the extra gold happens upon pickup that its actually determined at the time of death. Well that sounded a tad morbid xD Anyway... I dont play onslaught, but ive gotten plently of dps gear with jackpot. Definately rarer to see than on defense gear, but its been happening. For what thats worth lol
  11. You are a great Champion for this game first and foremost. In my experience with this game though its mostly one step forward and two back with every update that is released lately. Granted it is in Alpha and everything isn't set in stone yet but things that work for the majority of players should not be added one patch then nerfed to near non usable the next by the elite few that require it to be with top tier equipment. And thats why i take long breaks. By the time this game officially releases as a finished product (at this rate) the ps4 will be obsolete tech xD and patch by patch th
  12. Im still doing NM4 onslaught and still am only getting it with defence. Which is annoying cause there's been some perks that I'd like for my gold grinder lol Maybe its an issue with the reward system from onslaught. Thats odd lol
  13. Update: Just got a dps ring on wyvern den defense nm3 with jackpot. Trash items, the lot, but I did notice that before using it to enchant lol
  14. Well I just went through all my gear that I know I got post patch and it appears your right. Hopefully thats a glitch and not intentional. Usually im on a defense toon anyway tho cuz im always wanting new gear for my defenses to grow so for that it doesnt matter, but for those who are on dps toons most the time it renders it useless lol. Personally when i farm for gold i dont actually farm the gold itself. I used to with all the good passives and spheres but idk...I get enough gold from selling the junk I dont need. By the time I have enough purp and orange gear to enchant Ive earned enough g
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