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  1. Lol not at all english jesus, was my way of subtle advertising for the Macolytes :) Can i join? where do i sign?
  2. No i agree with post, This game isn't a game about levelling. Levelling isn't particularly interesting, it was good when it was quick.
  3. Hardcore players, want a challenge? Play with bad player = Challenge. Problem solved.
  4. Yeh That guys Right, Congrats Mac.
  5. count me in with you guys, i've played since release. My gears not bad, enough to be in nightmares but not the best guy in group.
  6. Heh i wondered this for a while too
  7. Welcome to the game, great with friends =D
  8. Remember when Challenge Weps were the best?
  9. When you log in, join ranked/open the little Paragraph of recent new that pops up says 'If you complete all the new DLC stuff to "sheck under your tree' Just sayin. unless this is intentional, then boy i'd feel sheepish..
  10. hermit


    We all had our own sides, so I was taking nobody's loot. Plus i was only going in when ogre's spawned so I didn't get hit. Towers handled the rest easy. I don't mind getting booted from a match, if its Straight away. But if you let somebody in and they build and whatnot, you shouldn't kick them last wave, its just cruel. And i wasn't complaining the whole map either. He was just a douche, simple. Over it now though.
  11. hermit


    Let's track him down! Burn his women and rape his house! Right now? K lets do it!
  12. hermit


    Its an individal thing Mock, and you're ridiculous.
  13. hermit


    I know what you mean, But i talked, last thing i was saying was, how trying not to get hit to get 50% more xp makes is a little boring. Think i offended him?
  14. hermit


    I was just in a game, glitter from the beginning i helped him build, i was there for a good half an hour, and he kicked me in the last 200 mobs of the stage, WHAT A DOUCHE!! just had to vent a little.
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