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  1. This must be the most ridiculous accusion i might have heard in my life. Everyone knows that stuff that happens on the Loot test stays on that server. I myself also expected to be able to play on the test server AND on the live servers with the same account, like in other games where it gives you the option to choose test servers or live servers in the drop down menu in title screen. There are EXPLICIT instructions on the loot test. You HAVE TO AGREE AND READ THEM before you can opt in. So HOW IN THE WORLD! could that happen ? Yeah, right, it cant. Unless you do it on purpose. So... I guess,
  2. Nice try to get the new loot system on your main account to have an edge over other people! like every other person on this planet who tries to cheat: I hope your characters are gone forever. sadly they are not ...
  3. So far so good but I was wondering how high level player will feel about that ... I mean getting more useful quickly mean reaching the optimal gear a lot sooner. Meaning high level player won't have loot as an incentive anymore ... It was never an issue for me since I never reach this point but if anyone have any thoughts on this ... Its actually quite the opposite. Its harder to find perfect stat gear, since the amount of items is reduced dramatically. the "intelligent stat system" isnt really good and doesnt change anything about the fact that 90% of the gear you need is for tower stats an
  4. I mentioned that in my diary too. The Snow effect is terrible. It doesnt look like a Snow map but like a weird black and white sadness. I really hope they dont implement it how it is, it will be so depressing to play on boring gray maps all winter...
  5. Hello Folks! In the Title you find me Accountname for Steam - So, TrendyEnt if you read this, this characters are at the moment participating in the Loot Test and the following results display the progress. Loot-test Second Map Throneroom Nightmare 1 2/7:6 Items 3/7:9 Items 4/7: 8 Items 5/7:8 Items Defeat:11 Items 31Items went to the Scavenger (Whyever. Half the loot directly went to him- Maybe Airunits?) 0 Legendaries, 5 Mythicals, Restblue/green. Upgrades: a lot. Itemstats seem to made sense, a few exceptions though (Ability Power, Defense Power) but thats acceptable. Loot-test Third
  6. Well, don't make a complaining post about how it's impossible to progress. Though, you can get some good items from Throne Room survival if you need a place to go. Boy, dont write its for "low stat" ppl if you need 2k< Stats for it. The common definition for low stat is beyond 2000, so stick to that. You dont really think someone with 5000/5000/5000/5000 need your guide to collect seahorses, do you?
  7. Found yet 2 normal Eggs 1 Giant Egg in 1h glitterhelm survival insane, leveling my EV...
  8. Here's a Squire-only plan for Glitterhelm I came up with a while ago. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=27070 I still have those stats, and as near as I can tell, despite the damage-adjustment from the latest patch, it's still viable, if a bit more frenetic work on the last wave or two to do damage control from ogres. Hope it helps you. nice DU waste. not like you could spare 50% of that bouncers ... :D
  9. I love hackers, free legit mana ftw! does it really change anything? there are people who make billions in hours, others make millions in weeks. for the casual player, every gamer with 2000+ tower stats gets item so much faster you could compare it with an hacker. so, if a guy who got enormous stats and leaves the survival waves running 24/7 makes money and waste it into my shop or if some hacker cheat that mana to buy my stuff.. it doesnt really change anything for me. it doesnt affect me , either.
  10. I'm probably going to get so much hate for this... But I'm enjoying the decrease in damage, things were just too easy, gives a little bit more challenge especially when not having an active builder. read your first sentence, knew the rest. obvious troll is obvious.
  11. no, why should he get banned? its not like he used any program to get the money. you cant check or prove if mana is legal or not. in real life, you have license proved vendors to buy your stuff, here everyone can sell anything, banning people now for buying items which were maybe hacked would make innocent people to criminals.
  12. yepp, i finally found it. thanks, can be closed.
  13. or you could be happy to get the mana you tried to get with setting up a shop and stop playing police. its not like mana/items have any value...
  14. Hello Folks! I purchased the complete Ethernia Shards DLC Package a while ago and thought the Series EV is included. Now, after the Game patched and started, I still can't create her, so I guess it ISNT included. I just couldnt find the Series EV DLC in the steam store either - How do I get her/it ?
  15. isnt it allowed to buy everything? its not like we are talking about a supermarket ...
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