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  1. That list is correct. And I do believe the Donkey pet is a go for consoles. :^) Time to make my monk green and name him Shrek. Good to know what to expect.
  2. Gotta love how the Dragon spins its head like that girl from the exorcist while your on its back.
  3. That is awesome man, see you finally got that capture program working the way you want it to.
  4. lol @ this debate. If only you guys knew what other weapons exist... No one on this forum can claim to have all event weapons as far as I'm concerned. I "lol'd." I see what ya did there.
  5. I'd like armor, but then again, then its a tossup between 4 types of armor :skeleton:
  6. Try 4 Krayts on MM insane :skeleton: ^^ Have Done this with 3 Krayts on MM Insane Glitterhelm (seeing as i don't have one) and all I can say is.. Let the File Corruption begin!
  7. Yeah, i was asking about it on page 10, it was something I was looking forward to hearing about, but to no avail from what I've read.
  8. haha i know but its just better then posting a new thread every two seconds so im doing this when i find something new ill update it it i dont expect it to be a big hit straight away or maybe ever You can always ask classic to condense your threads, he might do it for ya.
  9. Wow, already 10 pages, just a couple quick questions though, and I hope I didn't overlook it, but Are the Animus pets going to be getting Multiple Projectiles like PC? And are Guardians gonna be able to effect more then one tower yet? EDIT: Oh yeah, and are pets gonna be able to attack the training dummy for number testing yet, Or was that a no go?
  10. Is this not upgraded? If it is, could you please list the stats.
  11. how do you get a T-26 or Elf of the Wand?? been seeing constant posts and have no clue how to obtain either one By participating in certain console events, though these items are no longer obtainable except though trading, seeing as those events are over.
  12. I played a frankly ridiculous amount of Starcraft tower defenses, and made a few variations of my own. And now I want to play it again... Amen to that, if only it didn't run like garbage on my newer PC :\ Gotta disable everything to even get the color right on it :monk:
  13. If I recall, the people on psn that were showing me those numbers on a Krayt were also stacking up the projectiles (Moving into them and firing more) to actually achieve those numbers.
  14. /derailed Are you guys positive Kairi caps at +10? Just because regular fairies do doesn't mean Kairi does as well. Me and classic were just upgrading a 24 or 25 base heal and 34^ Kiari (only went to 304/6) Edit: Yes I'm sorry this has gone wayy off topic.
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