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  1. Hmm. Wonder where the EULA is >_< I can find one in the DDDK folders but it has to do directly with UDK stuff.
  2. You can download the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit through the DLC system. (Oddly enough not listed as a "tool" but whatever) This might actually get more people interested in making mods since, well, not many have been completed in the last couple weeks. Granted, some of the projects I've seen are pretty huge.
  3. Maybe I'll just become a mod/map maker and skip the whole playing the game part lol. Wonder how that works if Trendy takes a mod and adds it into the core game. Hmmm. We are not charging for anything locked away in the actual game. In fact, we released the entire source of the game for free. Modders can make whatever content they wish and release it for (or even paid, which we don't restrict in our EULA). (Source)
  4. The new topic of rage today is that Trendy is locking threads containing constructive criticism and leaving threads open that defend Trendy. Discuss.
  5. It's a shame that this thread is worse than ones that have been locked and yet it hasn't been because it's in defense of Trendy's actions. Guess they're content with a smaller playerbase than Diablo 2 lol.
  6. Don't forget that Pmasher has posted in and NOT closed much more flamed threads that were in defense of Trendy. Quite a way to work customer relations. Silencing the ones that voice their concerns and even admit that it was probably just a mistake. So yeah. I think that the OP here is correct. But whatever. Not like the 26 IRL friends and 30+ Online friends that no longer play the game are a big ding in their wallet, but a ding none the less. Good luck Trendy, you're gonna need it.
  7. The real question you need to ask yourself is; Is it cold outside? Yes? Then no. No? Then absolutely! Btw. Do you have any idea how hard it is to organize an underwear pubcrawl? Probably harder than balancing a video game. BAZINGA!
  8. Nope. Didn't have to pay for 1.0 (got it in Beta). ATM I have never had to give MC any money past the initial buy. Just saying. Nice. So that's over a year of updates and content for free! Totally worth the $16 USD I spent buying it ^_^
  9. Hey. I happen to have a couple pairs of boxers with hearts on them. It was my ex that bought them, but I wear them because they're $50 a pair and silk is oh so comfortable lol. I also have pairs with cupids, smiley faces, and my favorite, custom ordered pairs with various computer manufacturer logos! Thermaltake, AMD, ATI, Asus, etc.
  10. isn't that a monthly subscription? Nope. Though I believe only Alpha (Early Adopters) get lifetime free updates. I think people who bought in during beta had to pay additional fee for 1.0 but I could be wrong since I'm an alpha player >_
  11. I don't believe that current super/mega loot armor can spawn with +39 to a stat and still have high upgrades.
  12. Ranger - Surgical Strike. The first mob you kill of each wave grants you a 150% damage bonus to mobs of that type (while active) for the remainder of the wave. 30 second cooldown. - Ammo Dump. Create an explosive/spike/elemental trap with charges equal to half of clip/quiver size when used doing 50% regular damage. 90 second cooldown. Countess - Refined Grace. Increases movement speed, jump height and attack rate while active. 30 second cooldown. - Joust. Rush through enemies knocking them aside, dealing damage, and slowing their movement for 5-10 seconds depending on mob size. 60 second cooldown. Adept - Arcane Affinity. All staff attacks behave as if fully charged while active. 30 second cooldown. - Forgotten Magics. Resets all cooldowns of nearby heroes. 120 second cooldown. Initiate - Blind Striking. Attack in random directions but hit enemies with fatal precision doing 250% damage while active. Does not affect ability to run around. 30 second cooldown. - Enlightenment. Draw all mana to your location. 90 second cooldown. Yeah. Some of these are totally OP, but even still, these are pretty badass. At least I like to think so lol. "While Active" abilities will obviously have different mana costs. Like the Ranger's Surgical Strike wouldn't drain mana as quickly as the Initiates Blind Striking etc. So yeah. Those are my completely insane thoughts lol.
  13. It seems a number of 7.11 fixes weren't actually fixed.
  14. Buy the gear from other players. Creating an in game advantage for people who have the DLC Vs. the people that don't. You have DLC. You sell DLC gear for 50 mil (Or whatever happens to be the mana cap at the time) You have an easier time upgrading and buying more gear for less.
  15. Seriously? What's the incentive to spend money on dlc if you can just leech off other people? Gather around everyone! We have a rare opportunity right here to see the mindset of a Pay-to-Win player!
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