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  1. Hello, I have a strange question for something that has annoyed me for a while now. When you look at maps in Freeplay while levelling and End game, you have the little blue arrow on a map if you can run it for bonus exp/loot. However, Liferoot never has that, even if you haven't ran it yet for the day. Visual bug or you actually cannot get bonus exp/loot for Liferoot? I just started doing NM1 and I do Throne Room and Gates Incursion since they are easy, but I'm looking for other maps to run to use the 5 daily bonus and everyone always says to run Liferoot since it's easy, but will it provide t
  2. My Squire was in Hard Throne Room gear so it was fully optimized (since you spend a million hours levelling in there) so all pieces had Def Health, Hero Health and Hearthy passive. I only use walls with him, no towers so I have virtually no defense power. Now I'm upgrading to the NM1 gear and looking for the same stats basically. I upgraded some pieces with DH and HH without the passive and my wall HP went up since I'm going up so many ipower levels but I can't drop all passive gear as it then does down. I was at 168k hp before and now I'm around 179k, slowly going up.
  3. Thanks for all the comments guys. [[81236,users]] I will try to move my walls a bit further. I am playing the Gate Incursion map and would put my walls at the end of the lane which is a bit downward, especially on the left side. Hopefully this will fix the issue. I had realized I could get the boss to aggro me but I couldn't get him to go around my walls and back on the traps so he would just be there and never die. Plus having to purely focus on walking him around and taunting him would lead me to lose other lanes from witherbeasts. [[24298,users]] Ogres are actually not really an issue for n
  4. Yeah I have the same issue. The ability pops up in the pet reroll page but it says I don't have the required items to reroll. Wasn't sure if it only drops at much higher difficulty or if it's just not in the game yet (or worse, if it's a microtransaction). All I keep getting for abilities are the tiny little flame or wave of fire thing which is absolutely useless. It does 400 dps on a 8 second cooldown, whoopee.
  5. So I finally levelled all four heroes and am now starting to play more end game maps to get gear. I have the usual setup of traptress, frosty mage, wall squire and AA monk. Nightmare 1 is fairly easy solo and I've gotten some gear upgrades from the Incursion map. My problem though is, I can't seem to reliably finish the map since the boss just goes around my blockade almost all of the time. Then since I'm playing a traptress, I have no defenses hitting the boss, my dps is subpar since this is not a hero dps, and I always end up failing because the boss will either kill the crystal by himself o
  6. mana can also fall threw the floor sometimes. Has been a bug since the beginning. Also, their is only a limited amount of mana allowed on the map at one time, so if you had mana on the ground, new mana is created, old mana sometimes goes poof. Limited mana should not be the cause of this bug. I play solo and 100% of the time, I open a chest in build phase, every thing disappears. Blue mana, green mana, coins, every single thing on the floor disappears. It is extremely annoying as I always have to run around the entire map before opening the chest if I need the mana for upgrades.
  7. You have to get 50 Wyvern tokens as part of the monthly? Assuming terrible RNG, you could technically do every single daily every day of the month and only get 30 Wyverns. I hope they add a way to gain Wyvern tokens because this is an excellent example of developers not playing their own game or realizing how demotivating this is. October's monthly, while time consuming, was no where near this amount of grinding.
  8. Nothing to do with private games. You were either doing the campaign, freeplay easy or endgame insane+. Endgame gives very little exp, around 40k per map, while Freeplay Hard will give you about 225k. I did 5 runs on Freeplay Hard like 2 hours ago and it worked fine to level my Monk.
  9. This makes it all the easier. Steam will refund you no questions asked within a couple days, 7 I think. And will refund you if you didn't use too much within a month. I play Path of Exile a lot which is another F2P with cosmetic items that go on sale. I know whenever someone buys a pack or something through steam and then GGG has a sale on it, they will refund for it. Every weekend they do a sale on additional stash space there's a couple dozen posts on the forums from steam players. (you can play stand alone and not have your account tied to steam that is why I differentiate it).
  10. Why does everyone do Liferoot? There's a lot of flyers in there. Why not continue with Throne room on NM? Maybe it's just me because I only have a Traptress and Wall Squire so flyers are always the worse for me since I manually do them.
  11. I thought you had to get it in the mail? If it just magically spawned in my inventory, then by the time I will be able to play next, it will be shellium shards. Hopefully completing the monthly will give me a new one. monthly eggs are unrottable I checked again tonight and no bear. All my eggs have a timer to rot so it's not in there. I think TE doesn't like me  :'(
  12. I thought you had to get it in the mail? If it just magically spawned in my inventory, then by the time I will be able to play next, it will be shellium shards. Hopefully completing the monthly will give me a new one.
  13. My friend got his, I played last night after the patch and didn't get mine. I have 5 incursions left to do so I might just run them this weekend to get the bear.
  14. I play solo private and I still get dailies that disappear once in a while. However, I can confirm that you can still complete them for the reward. Just need to remember what they were.
  15. I don't know what level you are and what you are farming, but skeletons are a bit more common when doing Hard Freeplay maps from what I've seen. Since there is very often 2-3 mini bosses before the ogre boss, you can get a few here and there. Not sure if there are as many or more in end game as this is my experience through levelling. I haven't played that much and am almost done with that part of the monthly. It's the 10 incursions that are killing me.
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