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  1. Is it on a new map or all maps? Also in tavern as well? I get a fps drop oasis when I build a tower. (When it zooms out to placement mode, the fps hiccups hard)
  2. Just view the url in my signature ;)
  3. Haha! At least if it was you then you read it and my goal was achieved (in no way insinuating that it is)! As you said, you've already submitted the info to trendy (this should have ended there tbh), so even if I were the person in question it would be irrelevant.
  4. This post is laughable because the hacker more than likely won't read it, and even if he did he probably wouldn't care what you have to say. Why do I care? Because you made a misleading title that could mean anything, which caused me to read a thread that has nothing to do with me.
  5. Yes of course i understood that its not the point of thread. And as i said, squire towers are OPd comparing to apprentice. And are you sure that they are broken? Maybe its meant so. They make more dmg but their not hitting that well? How can it be intentional that they don't hit stuff they clearly shoot through the for heads? This whole issue originally started when they tried to improve the AI of harpoons. They tried a few different fixes until finally just vanishing from the forums. (almost 2 weeks ago now?)
  6. Why to make squire towers even more over powered when comparing to apprentice? Shouldn't them rise apprentice damage? Squire towers are already over powered compared to apprentice, the point is harpoons are broken. I agree apprentice should be buffed, and huntress traps... but that isn't the point of this thread.
  7. It was a patch for the beta team. Sorry about that! It's been fixed. Also, Steam is undergoing scheduled maintenance, so that's probably where those issues stem from. Not the first time it's happened, last time it was during a steam outage too. So is it fixed as in it won't happen again? Because if I'm wasting bandwidth (which is precious since it is limited) on every beta update, I'd like to be in it.
  8. [QUOTE]Fact 4) VAC bans are Steam-wide, not game specific. The logic is if you cheat in one game, you might cheat in any of them.[/QUOTE] VAC bans are game specific.
  9. That was my point. You dismissed his claim of afking out of hand without considering what was actually neccesary. And yes, I did read the entire thread. Yes, I do use squire almost exclusively atm. I may not be able to get past wave 20 misty yet, but I do use them in misty survival. Yes, the build I'm currently using incorporates a significant number of traps (prox, gas and darkness), so mixing and matching is not imposible (you do it with snares, why not traps). Triple starred proxies with ~900 TH have over 200 detonations, which if they go off every 2 seconds, is over 6 minutes without nee
  10. I have a feeling he's talking about campaign, most of which you can afk a couple of waves with stats between 500-1000 (which is quite easily attainable solo). I know I regularly completely afk spires once I've finished setting up, and thats without a guardian (900-1200-500-600). And traps do plenty of damage. Especially when it comes to small mobs, which the complaints seem to be aimed at. 900TD proxies can do 50+k triple starred. Stick a prox infront of your barricades and you solve the problem of small mobs. Yes, the hitboxes could do with a look. No, harps are not broken in any way, sha
  11. I am glad that harpoons are not THAT good. If they hit every creature with high accuracy, then you could AFK everything. They are already good enough to AFK most NM maps. It isn't a matter of them being THAT good or THAT bad, they are broken. They shoot at stuff they can't hit, stuff they are probably intended to hit. Their down side is that they take time to aim, which is fine, but when they finally get aimed they should actually hit what they are shooting at but they are not. If you are afk'ing in their current form, I would have to ask (in the nicest way I can) did you obtain all of your
  12. I was happy with them before they started tinkering... but they tinkered and quit tinkering with them in a broken state. Then trendy does it's famous vanishing trick. Tbh they are probably working on the next xpac, but does anyone really care about the next xpac when it is going to be unplayable?
  13. i was testing with 3 stared towers, maybe that's why I saw such a huge diff in tavern dps.
  14. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?47425-If-you-won-t-fix-harpoons... It's really too long at this point to summarize, but the real issue "seems" to be small mobs hit boxes don't match their actual size.
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