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  1. I have stopped playing this game while back and didn't want to come back because of how my old gears were useless from all the updates. I thought about coming back but read on the hero deck changes upcoming. I recall free players only have 4 character slots because rest are locked behind pay wall. Will the update make them feel useless or have they made it possible to purchase character slots without paying?
  2. For bows, you always want 4/sec for the charged shot sphere so it has more chances to activate. You also want to avoid scattershots at all costs. Worst bows in the game by far.... I only use scattershot if it's all I can find for def power. I use burst shots as they are the masters of damage.
  3. How does the P2W term get thrown around in this game? It blows my mind to think anyone would say that.
  4. One of reasons I don't play as much anymore is the loot stress. I feel this change is a perfect step into right direction. I feel that having a personal bank to use for collecting rare gears would be awesome too, but that's another topic in itself. I feel that the gold spheres and farming onslaught's 1000+ mob waves will help out in the gold department for those struggling on gold.
  5. Rest assured your level 50 heroes will forever be around on PC version.
  6. I guess I can stop doing random things on the spooky map now lol.
  7. Yesterday, I had a feeling I might have did my daily, but I sure don't remember it. One thing to remember is some dailies are so easy that you might complete it without noticing like doing certain amount of damage with defenses. Some go afk during the waves depending on difficulty. I don't know what exact time the new daily comes though.
  8. Edit: Ignore me. I didn't really read the thread so obvious my thoughts wouldn't matter much.
  9. Today, I logged in and was going to do my daily quest. Unfortunately, there is no daily quest for me to do. Anyone else having that problem? Edit: I relogged and it's still missing. I went to bed early last night so I know I couldn't have done it last night without knowing about it. I really need those wyvern tokens for my monthly so this is going to be a game breaker for me.
  10. Oh speedy harpoon? Those still drop too. I don't have anything to show since I trash stuff that don't help my waller. I only kept this weapon cause it's rare. Rare weapons might be tradable some day.
  11. I got it from legendary nightmare chest:
  12. You will find level 50 people playing even campaign sometimes. It's all a matter of what the person wants to do regardless of level.
  13. I wish we could reroll stats on gear. I have trashed 1000s of good gear just because it was missing a critical stat like hearty blockade.
  14. Gold eggs are just cosmetic change from regular pets. They do not bring unique stats or skills to the table far as I am aware. You may want to farm few wyvern tokens if you struggle with luck on the daily to get requirement for monthly. Keep that in mind.
  15. No math required: 1. Place trap, frosties, etc like normal to defend. 2. Wear the armor that has no frosty and look at trap DPS. Record the number or memorize it. 3. Equip armor with frosty and spawn wave. Inspect trap and compare as the chilled mob walks over the trap. The info will change to reflect frosty power. 4. You should not need to worry about math and have your answer which is better.
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