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  1. Its a Bug, hope they fix this with the next Patch.
  2. Ok thx, so the Spitfire works on elemantal damage well too?
  3. Hi, my third EV is now lvl 90 and will be a fighting Char. Does anyone know what are the best Weapons for her? At the moment i use the Alchemical Labs Weapon for physical Damage, but have no idea if this is good for her and what a good Weapon for Magic Damage is? Thanks alot :)
  4. and that is not the only problem. Sometimes i cant invite friends to my Game, the invite Button didnt work. I need to restart the Game than it work normally, but after one match the invite button loose his function again. completely annoying
  5. Hi Guys, is there a place where i can find informations about the new Massacre Survival (Godly) Weapons. Someone tell me yesterday that there are some special weapons in maps, in the case yesterday there was two Weapons in Throne Room MM Survival one for Monk and one for Squire, but no one can told me what the name of the "special" weapons is. Would be nice to have an overview for all classes with farm spots? Thx alot :)
  6. Yea got this error Yesterday too. The Problem is onl on Client side, my mate was the host and got no issues, i could reproduce this and testet it a bit yesterday after i lost a good Pet. No i only press Sell all after i leave the game and are in the Tavern as host.
  7. Hi, would like to help and submit a few Bugs my friends and me come into while playing our lovely game. :) Didn't find a Bugreport Forum so i post it here. 1. After Launching the Game sometimes i can't Skip the Intro Video. this happens with different graphic Settings Borderless Fullscreen or Fullscreen. 2. In Multiplayer with friends we got an issue with switching Heroes on Inventory. The Host can switch his Heroes completely normal ingame and on Inventory by pressing F1-4, the Clients can only switch Heroes if they are on the map, so everytime the Clients check equip in Inventory they need to go off the Inventory, Switch Hero with F1-4 and go back in Inventory. 3. In Multiplayer with friends we got an issue with Display Damage Numbers. Sometimes the Clients (the Host is OK) didn't see Main damage Numbers from Heroes, only the Bonus Damage (for example 18 Poison Damage) will be displayed. After going to the Lobby and start a new Map this error is gone for a while, but comes back. 4. Renaming Multiple Heroes didn't work Well. Sometimes only the first Renamed Hero will be saved, sometimes you close the Menu and the names will reset. If you rename one Hero go off the Menu and than rename the next Hero it works fine. Ok that's it for the moment :)
  8. You're banned because Vince Fired Stone Cold!
  9. Hi there, anyone have the same problem? If me and my mates press Escape in a Mastery Map, there are the 5 Stars, but no description behind it. Problem causes on PC Windows 7 and 10.
  10. One more Bug: If you start a Game and Press escape to see your Goals, there are only Stars without discription. Got this bug with to other mates, it's a bit frustating if you can't see your goals in a Map.
  11. Same Problem, Sub Core got a little damage but nothing destroyed or selled. But i ask my Abyss mate tonight if he sells his healing.
  12. Hello Defenders, do you know a site where i can see caps on attributes like attack Rate, Crit Chance...? Dont know if this site has the correct values: https://dd2tools.com/calcs/speed-scaling/ Thx Sting2
  13. 25% more Gold, experiance, Medals per Player and all would play public games or searching for 4 Players.
  14. I Play with a made in Private Games, if there are no benefits to play public, i can stay there. Not the best idea from the devs to not encourage public Games, when you ask me.
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