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  1. its called cleaver use of hiding the fact they did nothing. Map came out was a really good bridge map and should of got awards for game design Elites Whined Trendy's response buff 50% usings the excuse it was a "bug" Casual whined Trendy's respose Nerf 15% of 50% equals 42.5% buffed if i didn't math fail. Trendy looks like they care ^ This
  2. No wonder the jester is Free, its a massive Troll class that summons ogres XD
  3. This bug happened to me around xmas time, reported it and i was refunded double the amount by trendy.
  4. Seen all the great posts out there so thought i would try and give a bit back to the community. Here is what i use for shipwreck ruins and works perfectly I average stats and i was able to carry 8 people through this without any problems at all. Squire (active): 1k/1.6k/1k/1k Monk: 1k/1k/1k/1k EV: 1.4k/1.6k/1k/1k http://ddplanner.com/?l=5481,shipwreck-nmhc-low-ish-stats First wave: Place all western harpoons as well as 8/9 eastern harpoons plus anti air. During the wave place the final harpoon Second wave: Place everything else :D Just one note on placement. For the buff beams
  5. Sandboxie. Google it. No need for all this stuff. I'm on a ****ty laptop, windowing two dd right now. Is it VAC safe ?
  6. Outrage!!!!!!!! This needs to be in game, its took a great deal of effort and the costume alone is not enough imo :[ BRING ON THE CRYSTAL SKIN PLEASE! :D
  7. I've done this on insane, but not nightmare yet. Can the insane version have > 2000 base dmg? Will the nightmare version also by mythical? What is the chance that it is trans/sup? Thanks! I did NM and got a 354 upgrade Sup one, on my first go on it with a team of 3.
  8. I thought the achievement was to beat wave 20 for Cliffs =\ It was changed. Ok, we've put it to 30 in 7.32, though only 25 is required for Transcendent Survivalist that was regarding City in the cliffs
  9. Hello, im looking for a group to join to Complete wave 25 of city in the cliffs on NM. I got to wave 20 no problems....wave 22 monsters on Drugs. Im only asking because im 4 waves away, till i have Trans Survivalist :/ i will also Trade waves for help in this. :D thanks
  10. I got a supreme 354 one today, was so happy! Whats the highest Supreme upgrade level?
  11. Just wondering if the eggs can be used for anything other than the bunny skin as the egg drops have stopped. Is there going to be anything we can use the spare ones for? i have 10 pages of them which ive farmed so i just wondering if im holding them for nothing.
  12. Or.... Maybe we could get. *If you are attempting to upgrade a tower that is overlaying another, you can use -/+ to cycle which tower to upgrade. In my case -/+ have been re-binded to Wheel-up/down so that would be awesome to just walk up to a mess of traps+auras+harpoons and buff beams and quickly upgrade without trying to angle the mouse all over the places XD
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