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  1. Ever since the last patch I no longer receive the HP boost to my squires barricades when using my monks boost aura with the barricade boost sphere equipped. I know this may not be a priority to you but it is to me. It really cripples a very important part of my build. I depend on those extra hit points to my barricades to complete maps. Would be nice if you would maybe get this fixed asap? I noticed with something gives us more than intended such as the Storm Gloves super damage you made an emergency patch right away to fix it, but when you break an integral mechanic you do not address it at all. Really seems like your priorities are a bit skewed, please pay less attention to nerfs and just adding as much crap to the game as you can and more attention to fixing the current problems that plague the game. Hell perfect example the map problem with life root forest has persisted for months now and you haven't even done so much as tell us you are working on it, you have completely ignored it.
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