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  1. i have no idea how this happened! i was checking my inventory before heading off to a map, and when i got out of my inventory, BAM!! my head was claimed by the void! it didn't come back until i switched to another hero and back to her. not really sure how or why it happened (not complaining, got a good giggle at it) but thought i should. good thing i didnt loose my head over it! haha!
  2. personally i love this new loot system! it feels like i'm actually progressing, and not doing maps 5xs just to get 1 good gear for my build. finishing a map doesn't feel stressful or underwhelming anymore because i'm guaranteed at least 5 pieces of gear that are actually helpful. The amount of eggs, food, and other none gear items seems more reasonable as well. actually gives these items have a source of worth, and not just things to stack, or sell for easy money. this loot system doesn't make me want to rip my hair out in rage, for trying to find a single piece of gear! (i should spend hours trying to find a legendary, not a chest piece with building health/building attack) now i wish i had this gear on my main account, also on another note, really wish the frostbite freeze sphere was available too! that thing makes waves in single player so much manageable. but, those are my 2 cents so far on the testing so far, feel free to add your own experiences with it so far. (if you want, i just did this thread to give some sort of feedback before the surveys.)
  3. sorry staff!!! hope i don't sound impatient! just wanted to help out ^^;; (saying this because of the email that was sent, again, sorry!)
  4. guess we'll have to wait a while until the servers for the testing are up and running! (hopefully we don't loose items that the scavenger is holding, again, IF hes holding onto anything!)
  5. update! 2 so after the update, the log isnt there anymore, but still having the same error. ;3;
  6. update! after resetting steam, the game got an update! hopefully after its down downloading, it should work.
  7. i heard (from another post) that the scavenger was going to hold on to items.pets for us to use, i hope they dont vanish! (since the guy holds them for a certain amount of time!)
  8. for those who got into the loot testing, has anyone else been having problems with error 5008? made a thread talking about it, and hopefully getting it fixed: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/129019/see-comment?scrollTo=1188262[[9062,hashtags]]
  9. im guessing its the servers that aren't ready yet? the side window that opens with the game now says "PlayVerse QuickMatch Failed with Exception: Failed calling web method with error code: 0 from URL: GameVersionNotAvailableExeption, the server said : 5008 : Game version is obsolete or not available. Please try again in a few minutes..." hitting play, and play private gives the same message.
  10. just got the email, followed the instructions, and cant join the game. Anyone else suffering from this? I tried changing the region, but i get the same error for all of them (only ones available are Asia Pacific, EU, US east, and default) but i still cant join! i reset steam, the game, and still nothing!
  11. I can only login to the test servers but not to the normal ones (same error). how do you select the test servers?
  12. None of your normal characters will be impacted in any way. The gear test is performed on the 'New' account you provided, and it will be prestocked with characters and equipment (and the scavenger is holding several pets hostage, so go rescue them!) ohhh okay! thank you! was a bit worried ^^;
  13. wait, so if we get accepted, does that mean all our gear(including pets) and characters will be gone? i highly doubt it, but im just curious ^^; all my characters at the moment are level 50 and can solo nm3 (can kinda do 2 waves of nm4 but walls suck :c)
  14. Unfortunately the griffon (its a little winged lion thing) and the sword were previous monthly pets like the bear from October. You can no longer get them. From what I remember you didn't reroll the attack type but that may have changed/ may change in the future. Best option is to open a whole bunch of eggs. Good luck awww! okay, thank you for clearing that up for me though!
  15. im really sorry if this has been asked before, or its a topic that was already solved or talked about. but i noticed that in the last couple of dev streams, butters had a pet that i thought it was really cool. it was a sword with wings, and the other one he had was like a griffon (not really sure), and i was wondering. will there be a way of getting them? also, is there a way to change a pet's attack ability? say, repalce frost with storm, or their own attack? dont know if the rerolls do that. (i tried and i keep getting different stats for the attacks instead of other attacks.) again, sorry if this has been asked before! ^^;
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