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  1. I agree with Knows, he put it better than i could. Also, I'm waiting for these new heroes to see what becomes of them, and the game as a whole afterwards. Seems to be improving, although i would like something so we can try heroes before we decide to buy
  2. OK, people here need to get 2 things straight: This is a FtP game in early access, so Trendy absolutely MUST have revenue coming in from players, and due to the low playerbase, sets those prices higher than other, more popular games. Additionally, they are trying out a new system and the prices will/should vary. there is a thread on that stickied to this very forum! Now, by no means am i advocating this steaming pile of bogus. I can just see why they do it. My personal feeling echo what most of you guy/gals are saying. I only have a few things to add, the rest just echo what people have said. 1. Paying $15 for a new way to play an old, stale, game that I have spent 164 hrs in without any fundamental GAMEPLAY changes feels like a ripoff to me, for that $15 i could buy Enter the Gungeon, a game with over 150hrs of replayability, and the AL doesnt add that replayability FOR ME. 2. I understand Trendy wants to work on new, exciting stuff to possibly draw in more customers, but when they lose more players a day than they gain, maybe they should look at the reoccuring complaints and fix a few/all of those before adding new characters/costumes/etc. A few off the top of my head are map design feeling stale, towers feeling weak, and character/tower balance. 3. DD1 was a very successful game that i put almost 2000 hrs into, and it got my girlfriend (now wife) into playing co-op games. It was a paid game with 4 expansions ($5 each) on xbox live. new characters were bought on pc, but they were not $15 apiece. It seems a bit like milking your few remaining fans for money to charge the price of 3 maps in DD1 for a single new hero in a game that will have 4 or 5 guaranteed new heroes and plausibly many more. 4. a good way to bring back many of the long time, burned out players of this EARLY ACCESS title was to introduce new content. I myself lost interest in November 2015, came back for 2 hours after the Harbinger update as it just added a new boss map with interesting mechanics, and i was stoked for the AL, but, as stated above, $15 or grinding for 1.33 months on the same old maps, with my same 6 lvl50s, with no new mechanics but lane resistances removed, to get a new hero just made me disgusted with this. I paid for this game, and have bought costumes, and could easily afford this hero, but i most likely will not play for a long time/ if at all. Also, how i think AL should have been introduced is as a minion of the Harbringer who was enslaved, and you have to find him/free him on one of the maps where he shows up for one wave. now that wouldve been cool. anyway, theres my $.02, bye.
  3. I totally agree. A test map is a good idea, and maybe some test waves to try out combat. normal grunts, and fliers would be nice to make sure it works well.
  4. I do agree with the OP, did that same thing today, first time since ~2 hours after the Harbinger update. however, i agree with proveisso here, and if he hasn't already, will make a suggestion thread for it. It's not enough to complain about a problem, but suggest how it could possibly be changed. me, i like this idea proveisso said, like a rent-a-hero booth.
  5. I don't have any horrible experiences in pub games, but I have a lot that could've gone better, or needed better communication. I generally find that afk players and leechers are not in every match, but I don't really play pub NM4. I agree the OP's situation is irritating, but does it happen more than 10% of the time?
  6. Rise Against and Scorpions as mentioned above. Do you mind a bit harder stuff, like Metallica, Disturbed, Led Zeppelin? Also since you like Linkin Park, why not try Fort Minor? youll recognize Mike Shinoda My music taste is similar, and I like the oldies Journey Eagles Bon Jovi Foreigner REO speedwagon Kansas Prince Queen Hope these help
  7. You can invite Steam friends into private matches using the Steam overlay.
  8. I found two nm2 liferoot wave 5 playing my Waller squire, haven't seen any other. I find Phantom Phoenix the most often. I currently, as of yesterday, have found 5 Phantom Phoenix, 2 purge evil, 1 chilling touch, and 1 squire one (it was very badly rolled). This is in 150 hrs playtime (34 in nm difficulty)
  9. I have also encountered this, but only when I switch from monk to apprentice. Do you remember what heroes you were swapping? Its an amusing glitch, tho.
  10. Terron when you are on your non-test account, does it say 'press' next to DD2 in your library? That was my problem.
  11. I agree with your thoughts. Additionally, i have noticed 'hearty blockade' does not have hero health on it, which is what it scales on...
  12. whats happening with that is you have the loot build selected for your normal account. in your normal account, go to properties>betas, and then opt out of betas. it should update, then you should be able to play. Hope this helps
  13. I'll just leave a like here....
  14. I got my first last weekend, nm2 liferoot, playing as tank squire
  15. I have 125 hours in (nm2 is my level) and I have only found chilling touch and purge evil while playing my tank squire. I only have found purge evil on liferoot and chilling touch on Siphon Site D. Maybe a glitch, or maybe the RNG god frowns on me.
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