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  1. Just a guess here, but when the daily quests come out I would think they come from them. "Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT) I’m currently working on multiple targets for the next patch. I’m having a great time working with engineering on Daily Missions and new level up feedback. The former is exciting because I’m getting to work directly on the Influence votes casted by YOU! The latter is exciting as it’s one of the first steps in a much larger focus on DD2’s meta. Finally, I’m spending my spare cycles working with Blacksmith and the design team on overall game balance." On a side note: Do you think that old man even wants to be talked to?
  2. Drizkil


    They have already stated that there will be tower skins and char skins (can see two in the tavern). So I'm sure that weapon skins are on their list as well. So have faith and patience, but I myself would love to it too!
  3. Some very good ideas Horse! Also I can't agree more with the "Panic Wall", something needs to be done about it. Maybe shoot out shards of the wall at the monsters instead.
  4. Just give me my Greens+ , let the rest of the loot be FFA.
  5. Not that I have found. But I would love to see maps for up to eight for sure!
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