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  1. Long story short is that your gear needs to be a certain level to get a certain level of drops. I would suggest that the easiest way to determine this is using sell value. I STRONGLY suggest using a gear sell value calculator like this one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19D_V2MDf0d8GkLzPP2OHha8wY_6axtcU0t1s6AuGup0/edit#gid=1884316078 Basically fill it out with what you're wearing and compare it to the value of the drops you get to see if it is an upgrade. You'll notice you level your gear way faster with something like this.
  2. Basically, how do the Monk's ranged attacks work? If the DPS is 1000, does that mean that a weapon with 4/s with x1 shots, is that 250 a shot four times a second, and similarly would a 4/s with x5 shot mean each orb is 50? I did some testing, at this seemed to be the case, but I want someone to give some confirmation, especially if it's secondhand from Trendy. Thanks so much!
  3. I feel the easy solution is such: Nightmare/Endgame gives the same xp as the hardest level of normal maps. This will allow: Non "endgame" maps to still be the best way to level characters, they'll be easier and safer for leveling.It will allow friends to bring lower level friends without crippling their progressionIt will allow pets/costumes to continue to levelIf anyone can identify a downside, please point it out to me.
  4. Does rarity actually matter? They seem to have the same ranges of stats for rerolls.
  5. My meager tests seem to indicate they don't stack, so I don't foresee a problem.
  6. They fire a ton of individual shots. It comes out to normal damage
  7. I think everyone is bugged. Waiting for a fix myself. It would be terrible if they randomly just made it worse than every other pet.
  8. Can we have an option to mix and match parts from sets? Like the Survivor helmet with the dragonfall defender outfit and the cannonball shoulders? Perhaps for outfits with unique poses and the like, we could have you chose the base outfit with it's pose, and then add the other pieces. A ninja pirate would be cool for example.
  9. The damage on my welp is nice, and I love the model, but it has no hero stats. Is this intentional?
  10. This already happens xD Can confirm. My friends have ping fights.
  11. It is my opinion that the best way to handle it would be as follows: Characters should not be wiped. The changes that have been presented do not appear to have any impact that should require characters to be wiped. The sudden loss of all the levels, Betsy tokens, and skill spheres would really turn those who have put the time into the game, especially when they really don't seem like they need to be wiped. Items should not be wiped. They should be re-rolled completely randomly, keeping only the item type and the same item level. Even people who have been hoarding legendaries will be as much
  12. Simple suggestion, allowing for customization of the "Ping" Flag. (C Key). These could be something you might be able to either unlock in game, or something you can get for gems. I would suggest something similar to how Diablo 3 handles it.
  13. A thought about Legendary costumes : Legendary costumes should be something very rare or extraordinary. Perhaps ones that are temporarily available (IE : Dragonfall or Holiday specific costumes)
  14. I must confess, I was about to buy the collector's edition, but the current implementation of "Betsy" tokens is way too gated. I suggest rewards on any Kill above a certain difficulty (So it it can ground for those who want to) with bonus coins for dailies.
  15. Well, I may come back for the Barbarian, and I might just go ahead and update it then.
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