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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/dempadoskit/
  2. album: https://imgur.com/a/5UJAQgh SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dempadoskit Got struck by the big procrastination so had to do it last minute ^^ Great fun though!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway <3 For the hollow tree place with the rock table and tree I uploaded 2 pictures from my pov and from a friend, cause appareantly the details weren't visible with lower graphic settings :)
  3. I mean can any item be cooler than the red Christmas Magi from last year? Gotta love a magi in a beautiful red <3 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/dempadoskit
  4. Oh I have so many great memories from this game! From playing my then favorite map Karathiki on open with a guy from Israel (who amazed me with his endgame stats and harps that fired solid lines of arrows), to soloing true greater old one with 2p stats from start to finish while my duo partner was afk eating ^^ But my most fond memory from this game has to be farming for all the achievements trying to get 100% for the first time in a game. Opening lobbies on ranked and naming them “achievement hunting” ;) Just amazing how much content this game has and how’re always able to look forward to achieving the next big thing in your journey https://steamcommunity.com/id/dempadoskit
  5. It turned into a weird Kirby-style Pikachu, hope you like it ^^ 1. Ball Blaster, 2. Rockshatter, 3. War Bonnet Thank you for hosting the giveaway! <3
  6. I could take it off your hands if you're interested in selling it, not sure how much cv I have atm but could check
  7. Would a drawing in the good 'ol microsoft paint work? ^^ Currently don't have any means of coloring a drawing on paper :c
  8. Liking the looks of it so far! A little sad that all the old links won't work, and that kinda made me qurious about why the switch was done. Like, did dd2 update theirs and dd1 had to follow, or was it a desired change in order make things look cleaner or to allow for more functionality to be implemented?
  9. Do you take coal? And how many coal do you price 1 cv at?
  10. screens of both maps completed: https://imgur.com/a/tMU3mUh steamlink: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dempadoskit/ comments: As for rebirth I couldn't really find any bugs. I did notice something that I think has already been mentioned, but if you kill the phoenix after it's second spawn and the wave ends, then there are several messages that still pop up (like the start of the countdown "25...") and the build phase-message gets delayed by a bit. Emerald was a bit more problematic. First off all the cacti were invisible when on low graphic settings. The walls would somtimes give you a bit of an upwards launch if you walked alongside them. Wyverns often got stuck in the cliffs on the east side of the south crystal. And there were a couple of weird hitboxes along the walls. For example, if you jumped up on the tent by the initial spawn, and then jumped up on the cliff plateau, you could get stuck in all kinds of places. heading south you got lodged into the wall right by the path toward the south crystal. If you instead walked between the palms you could fall down pretty much out of the map. And as for personal opinion. I really enjoyed both maps although emerald was a bit hard to beat when the cupid's arrows pierced reflection beams (assume it was intended for added difficulty). The map of emerald is reeeally nice and I like the parkour required for the chests, however I wish there was a way to reach the chest on the pillar without flying (Since any character can get to some of the other pillars, some kind of bridge between the pillars would have made it possible to get the chest without swapping hero).
  11. Merry Chistmas to you all! And ofc gl with the giveaways <3
  12. Yo Garzhod, thanks a bunch for helping me with the Ember boss! Stay awesome my dude ;)
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