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  1. Radical changes to the game every two weeks is killing the game and sucking the fun out of it for my friends and I. Remember these days when dungeon defenders was top two? Well take a look now. Soon to drop off the damn list. If you have access to the player stats history it's not just because the game is not fresh anymore. You're going to see them shaving thousands of players after each one of these insane rebalanced patches. I don't even know how to start this with out sounding like a big QQ topic, but hey that's what it is. Sometimes you just gotta call it like it is. Almost
  2. Grenades from the grenade launcher weapons will bounce off of the dragon boss and do no damage. Now you know!
  3. heh... they totally patched this on steam. In the first few days you were able to upgrade a weapon which had 20 or more upgrade slots and decent element damage in order to make money off it. The old system had cost of item based off damage and im guessing they forgot that element upgrades gave the most return. What used to happen is you would end up with a 8k element weapon worth 8 million and you'd only have invested 3million in upgrades. They totally patched this quickly and did not put it in the patch notes that they did, probably because X-box users won't get a patch for months lolz.
  4. Yeah, this has to be a bug. No, they are electric immune. There's a monk thing there. The fact that they arnt taking damage at all.... being right under the slice and dice is fact. Try one and watch goblins walk under it.
  5. I dunno... people getting really angry at squire getting a 66% nerf on his bowling ball and harpoon turrets. They probably missed the fact that the slice and dice got a 100% nerf to anything shorter than an orc. These towers will no longer do damage to archers, goblins, kabolds, skeletons or anything shorter than an orc. This tower sucked before why would anyone ever build them now? You're better off with 1 bouncer turret and 4 free extra deploy cost. Here's the new squire build wheel. New squire build wheel.
  6. I laughed so hard and I don' even know why DX, that screen shot is perfect though. ... This isnt the world I knew. I don't want to live in this world anymore!
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