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  1. Venders for 800m. I have around 1.6m dps with it which is pretty good for a hunt. That's without piercing shot being included or any buffs.
  2. Get a high 200^ weapon with good tower health and pump the tower health to over 300
  3. It's up to 200m an upgrade level...My DPS is over 1m with it though.
  4. I had done a lot of misty and not see one before, although to be fair no one is usually on a squire in my group.
  5. Believe they undid that and instead listed the games in order of distance. Most good players play in private games and you wont see full game either that may be why the list looks so tiny.
  6. We shall see, time to start selling the extra gear i have laying around i wont rest until this thing is maxed.
  7. Can I use mana from the bank to upgrade it when it's over 200m an upgrade? On the bright side im going to be the highest dps'ing huntress in the game until someone gets one higher.
  8. I dont know how im going to upgrade it when it goes past 200m an upgrade though.
  9. Mythical Sucariouss 1/199 Im at level 98 and its 46m to the next level WTF...
  10. Well i got it in misty i had no idea where it came from. thing is awesome.
  11. Ive been playing awhile and ive never seen a frostblade before. It has extrememly fast attack rate.
  12. It probably spawned with over 360 in tower damage and He upped the speed and resists
  13. Trendy's solution this is going to be to nerf gaurdians.
  14. Nah, most hackers do not hack because it's "too hard" i'm pretty sure...people hack because they are bored, because they're close to quitting anyway, because they're used to having that certain advantage over others just for the sake it, because the anti chest system is not doing its job, etc. Dozens of reasons, pretty ignorant to say something like that. I've never understood people who feel such an extreme need to hate on cheaters, there always have been cheaters, there are cheaters now and there always will be cheaters in games, sport, relationships etc. Human nature to find short cuts,
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