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  1. Actually that gun, like i might repeat myself all special MM weapon drops can get quite interesting stats if you get far in MM mix mode hc survival. Their stat values can even go twice the amount of other non special MM drops. Ive seen 190^ of that weapon that looks like fly. Sadly it had 8 dmg, 1 projectile speed overall terrible as dmg, but had stats to compensate for that and made very good trapper weapon, as those weapons can go in my opinion twice the higher in stat values in hero dmg or tower stats. Leaf blower is another MM special hunter weapon that can gain reload bonus stat, but a
  2. You dont only have to sell throught your shop to hit over 200m cap, can even just trade with each other and mana starts to go over 200m. Ofc if your over 200m mana you wont gain any mana when selling trash loot to shop or otherwise between rounds auto sell stuff on the ground.
  3. Was hoping new pet, we already got new ranger skin with whole Ezio (assasin creed) looking one. Ofc more skins never bad, but i would rather get something more game changing. But will see next patch, maybe get some spark to play abit. The new class better be different. ;P
  4. Isnt Mythical defender reward enough, why go 63/63? =/ Personally cba to do some chicken rewards as they feel meh and has nothing to do challenging yourself etc. At least current state of game. But i dont mind them giving 63/63 for example new special crystal or something, just hope real game changing stuff wont require it, like chicken did.
  5. Yes you get Tsuda's final creation for doing NM glitterhelm as app, but must say the version i got was nowhere close worth it as nm reward. Have not seen the exact same staff elsewhere.
  6. I havent for some time touched those shroomites after few first rounds for the need of mana to build. Hate the litter they produce with all the locked items to inventory that you would find in hard difficulty given in NM and locked so you wouldnt accidental sell them, yea right.. ;/ Pets also horrible for NM level, but again amount of bad armors and weapons that auto lock sort of make it worthless to even care about those pets, as for sure i wont find upgrades from shroommite. ;)
  7. Yes its people inability to use the tools or like in one case person explained to me he does it to sell his wares towards the more local population, as afk shops show more global vs games. So might be protectionist. ;D
  8. But there has been no patch since last year? I must admit i got 112^ animus from boss doing it normal nightmare for the mythical defender archievement. But guess im missing something here, only thing that aside of having spiders during nm, the boss didnt fly left side so i could hit it ballista right after landing like when farming insane it always did, instead it went right. ;( Rest i felt it very much same as insane ages ago. Ofc i might missed something as was app running and checking that stuff stayes up. ;>
  9. Rofl at that video, didnt expect it to even be possible to make stuff that big. That bow spinning on top or whatever it is ...
  10. Maybe, maybe not. The real issue here is that this particular VW is Godly, which means the only place it could have come from is Insane, and VWs do not spawn with anything close to that number of upgrades on Insane. I wouldnt quote on the fact of its quality, VW's were known to drop random quality before nightmare mode. You could get between amazing - godly quality VW's and what seen on survival you can get 200^ godly weapons sometimes, but generally those disapear before wave is over as they rank as lower quality, same apply to armors.
  11. Challenges need HC mode, but doubt even with those you would see 250^ WV.
  12. 6 DU for darkness trap will be too much considering you can get same effect to most dangerous enemys with 1 DU at each path. Ofc trap is easier to use and req less maintance and naturally will be able to debuff every little critter on top. But the DU cost of the trap itself should be re-think and maybe somewhat nerf the trap overall stats or scaling to amount the DU reduction. Then again if the idea is not to open it viable to say defenses with 4 entry points, i understand it also. As some maps even 1 darkness trap with element removal can become very potent.
  13. I have been wondering, but is it on purpose that on NM monk drain aura is capped to 54%~ without app guardian that puts it to 4%. Cause that pretty much keeps app guardian as only option to every defensive position aside of its other benefits. It feels too forced currently to use app guardian if you want buildings to stay up or stay alive yourself after few hits.
  14. It seems to be issue with Misty mire special loot, like all those bug & spider themed weapons or monk rainbow horn etc. You wont see same issue with generally found items throught older campaign.
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