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  1. how should i respond. saying that "im not informed" and "concerns just flat out aren't applicable." is just laughable . i know exactly what these business practises are and do. seeing these reply s really shows how low the gaming industry has gotten. you kids nowadys wanna pay for every stupid thing. even if it should be free in the first place. its funny how you all defend these practises . Buying a game has become more expensive then ever. they try to suck out every nickel and dime out of you , for the most stupid things. they gaming industry has made more money then ever before, and you keep feeding it till a point that dlc / online passes .season passes micro transactions became the norm in almost every game now. even on consoles we have micro transactions now. and now we come to a point that a game can cost you hundreds of dollars just to enjoy a complete story mode.. and lately allot of games don't even deserve that kind of payment. this whole "micro transactions" thing is the new money maker for gaming company's. its making them so much money for almost nothing in return. its just a lazy way of making money . Instead of spending there time making worth wile content. they resort to sneaky sale practises so they don't have to make any effort. and that's why i used the southpark episode as a example. Because they explain quite good how this freemium thing works. and you can apply this to most games f2p / freemium games. again f2p / freemium is the same to me . the have both the same shady business practise in my opinion. like someone said on the net "We have to stop letting these developers nickel and dime us just to get some enjoyment from a petty game" sorry for the drivel and weird word structure (im not English) I wont respond any more. i just had to show my frustration and disappointment on this whole micro transaction thing implemented in my of my most favourite games of all time "dungeon defenders"
  2. I stopped reading after that. who was insulting who. wasn't you the person that called me a troll. this really shows ur intelligence . perfect person for those FREEMIUM GAMES / F2P (FREE TO PLAY). same thing. 500+ posts im curious how much free time you have spewing all that nonsense
  3. So i have to pay them to to test for bugs and improve there game. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I pay them to give me a game? lol ur youth are mad .. o well i just came here to give a opinion on how i feel about this . I was exited about this part 2 game . Me and my friend played the ps3 version so many times and even platinum it. But we cant support this business model. its just isn't right. Goodlook eveyone mebe part 3 is back to basics
  4. @Seph quote:Let me get this. DD1 was free to play. NOT. DD2 is already FREE TO PLAY with ZERO gameplay advantage from micro-transactions and you... do not like what, exactly? That it is free to play with ALL OF THE CONTENT available? Or what? I don't get it. ALL of the content will be free to play. NO DLC nonsense like it was with DD1. Are you the Volunteer to pay for DD2 development / sustain costs and TE Employees' living expenses? No? Then go ahead, SUGGEST something to keep the F2P game alive. Remember that this is not the final release. If you are AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT interested in DD franchise, you should follow their Devstreams on twitch or watch replays on YT or Twitch - ask questions that worries you, instead of coming here to pour dirt on TE with your very first post. What a shame. By the way, they did say tat they are going to make inventory bags bigger than they are now. Much bigger. From the looks of it, you just came to troll. I played it on the ps3 and that version of that game was not free for me . this also goes for the ps4 version. yes you have to pay for the actual game. This mean that i should play this game without any restrictions. in the ps4 case there's already restriction on my bag space. I bought the game and i cant even store my weapons that I worked hard for by beating content that I have payed for. there's nothing wrong having a restriction on bag space. you cant hoard everything. But restricting someone bag space for sake of making a profit is shady. Are you the Volunteer to pay for DD2 development / sustain costs and TE Employees' living expenses? No? Then go ahead, SUGGEST something to keep the F2P game alive. I support development by buying the game. Also I also support development by buying Merchandise Also I also support development by buying dlc as long its affordable and adds something new to the game when it becomes boring after a while. But nowadays you have dlc already on the disc. or planed before the game is even out with a nice 50 dollar season pass If buying the game/ Merchandise / don't cover there expenses, that means that have to look at there business plan / expenses . Almost forgot . I also support kickstarter indie games and every other indie game. because i know when i buy a indie game that game wil be complete most of the time. SUGGEST something to keep the F2P game alive. There is no such thing as free to play, Free to play is the biggest cancer in the gaming industry. It prays on the weak minded gamers. its like you sed "to pay for DD2 development / sustain costs and TE Employees' living expenses?" if the game was free, how would they cover there expenses. To make it simpler for you. watch the southpark skit Freemium Games -edited- Freemium don't make me laugh. I would never support it. From the looks of it, you just came to troll. From the looks of it ur just a dumb kid . that thinks having opinion is the same as a troll. "Troll" The most overused word since the "Tweens" found the internet. Don't get mad because im smarter then you
  5. Let me get this . So Peepz have to pay for extra bag space now too. If that's the case then there's even more reason not to buy this. 1 Make a game 2 Put as many weapons in the game as you can. 3 Put a cap on bag space 4 put extra bag space behind a pay wall 5 Profit guaranteed every sucker needs extra space. especially with so many weapons in the game. If i remember correctly you could upgrade ur bag-space for free in the first dungeon defenders. the cosmetics what you have to pay for , doest that also use up a inventory slot? if that's the case too, then ur paying for the item and for the space to be able to store it. thats some shady stuff edit ( added cosmetics part)
  6. I almost bought it for the p4 until I saw the micro transactions, I loved the fist one but im gonna skip this one. and so are many friends in my friendlist that played the first dungeon defenders 24/7 . Hardly anyone bought it in my local psn store, and not even one person bought the gems. you should have seen the ps 3 sales! These really shows that people are fed up with this lazy micros transaction practise. And the sad thing is its still in beta or Alpha. Im so disappointed that another game company fall for this shady business practise. you paid 55 euro now pay us more. You gaming company's have become greedy beyond words. First they Cut up games in dlc, that wasn't enough, so they decided to introduce season passes, that wasnt not enough ether , and now we have Micro transactions and free to play. wel im done .. Trendy is the next on the list that i don't support anymore. After EA, rockstar, Activision and Ubisoft. I cant wait until the whole gaming industry crashes again like in the 80's edit oops wrong tread. ow well
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