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  1. but people still use traps / auras beacause towers don't work as intended. It has nothing to do with how towers don't work (never had an issue with them when I used to use them - it is really just about finding the right places to put them instead of just slapping them behind walls). Traps/auras are slightly superior because A) Frosty buff and B) They take no damage so you don't have to worry about an ogre or flying kobold ruining your DPS. what about Balista? like never had problem with that too?
  2. but people still use traps / auras beacause towers don't work as intended.
  3. Really? When you use range upgrades, map design often cut the range with cornering/snake path, cutting the damage. i can not think how you never encountered any of that. What i can see is players playing blocade/ freeze tower and killing monsters with heroes not with towers. But i was Hoping DD2 will be a tower defence game. guess i was wrong than.
  4. First off I must say it's a lot of fun to play on the maps we have now. It's Fun to Explore them; and you can see how much work and heart was put into them. But as all ways nothing come without a price. Now let me elaborate. Unleveled paths soak up tower damage (Projectiles hit ground instead of flaying straight)Things sticking out in environment (Projectiles hit them instead of enemies)Snake like paths with walls (Projectiles hit the walls that shield the monsters)Lack of long straight paths (Making impossible for towers to use their full range; Greatly reducing their potential damage done) Now all that is reinforced by lane magic/physical % resistance on monsters. Were due to that you are forced to use Squire towers in a tight corner spot were they lose 90% of their potential damage and render the game hands down impossible to play solo on Nightmare II+ lvl's. The first fix that I think should be done is to remove magic/physical % resistance on monsters. Making it possible to do efficient tower combos in tight spots; Giving the players a chance to beat the game ... I know that this in place not to leave any hero class behind, but it kills the game with current map designs. Basically game is super fun up to lvl 34, after it's boring grind to lvl 50. And after that you hit a steel wall that is Nightmare II with environment that steals most of your dps, and kill the fun. I would rather see a long, flat map with nothing on it; than all this cute stuff if it steals the damage from my towers. I Hope Some one will read it and keep it in mid while creating new maps for the game. Any player will chose game play over looks. I have a strong feeling that Dev's were so busy making the game they forgot to play it…(environmental traps are great idea but super useless in end game). Never forget about your 'Try Hard' end game player base. : ( Regards
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