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  1. I'm in the EST time zone, though I can try and make it to your run if you are willing to include me =)
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a group that can help me finally do this. I've been looking for months now and can't seem to get a group anywhere! I am a lvl 94 DPS with 3k stats and 30m DPS!
  3. They should pop up fine with the patch 7.38c .. you must to do them again after this patch to unlock them except I've Got Monsters achievement is still broken as far i know :) But I beat Boss Rush and Sky City on NM around 3 AM this morning, wouldn't the latest patch already be out considering it was released on the tenth and not the eleventh?
  4. Alright So I bought this game at launch and have been playing on Ranked to get the achievements, and up until the new DLC came out, my achievements counted and everything was fine, but now that I've beaten the campaign and the Boss Rush challenge, they are no longer showing up on steam as me achieving them. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  5. Not to mention minions move, the buff beam radius is pretty slim so why should they remove it? Defense detail isn't really them staying idle, they do move forward, then back. Your point doesn't seem very valid friend. =)
  6. Again, never said you needed it for NM, Just saying what -I'm- looking for. You are trying to point something out that isn't there friend =) As for everyone else who commented, Send me a PM with a role you'd like to play. We need a builder. As for those fellow members of this forum whom decided to tell me what I ask for is unneeded, I am aware. Thank you for your input, I did not say it was needed for NM survival, just what I am looking for. I am not one to join last wave because I believe in earning for achievements, not just side stepping them. Again, thank you for your posts, but if you hav
  7. you really don't need 2k+ stats for campaign survival. I didn't say you needed that, I'm just saying that it helps and people with 900 stats and negative resistance is something you really shouldn't have when going into a NM Survival game. Thank you for your input though. =)
  8. As the title says, I need 1-3 other people that are well geared with 2000+ stats, I'm currently a Squire DPS with 2.8k in both my health and damage. The remainder of my levels are Glit, Summit, City, Court, Spires and Alch. All of these levels I have 19-24 waves unlocked. I just want this done and am tired of getting into PuG games where a lot of the DPS shouldn't be there =) We'll need a builder so just post here if you're interested.
  9. It's a toss up really, Frost Swords are generally the best, but a Demon Sword is a much harder hit, If you're fighting a boss and looking for the best weapon for that? Demon Swords the way to go, that goes for any big anymore. Mobs, generally a frost blade will do the trick best. =)
  10. I've bought a set of gear and was wondering where I can get a Trendy approved item check?
  11. hell i'd buy them for 100 mil a pop from you lol wish i met you sooner, i don't have any ice swords but would like two
  12. Yes and no, A lot of people still use the Huntress/Ranger but the Barb delivers some explosive DPS, Squires are slowly coming back to their former glory and DPS App/Adept are really really strong with the right staff
  13. I'm currently on my last level for Mythical Defender, I solo'd most of the campaign so far and am having trouble with Glitterhelm Cavern, I can't seem to find the build anywhere nor do I have a team to help me, so if anyone is geared and/or interested, or know the build to do this, I would appreciate it greatly.
  14. As most people are aware, Squire towers suck on anything above hard. Apprentice towers of the same stat level blow them out of the water. So on Insane and Nightmare, Squires and Countesses were, for the most part, relegated to being DPS characters. Along comes that Barbarian, wielding two of the weapons of which the Squire and Countess can only hold one, to make up for his creator's tower-development-apathy. Trendy Entertainment: releasing half-finished classes, patched up to cover the gaps in such a way that it renders one quarter of their original classes completely obsolete. And all for
  15. Pet; http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/651002589688165252/960EE223AE7BDF2FD245142EEB2B318C16094A3C/ Armor; http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/651002589688167374/8AFF3CF59E134F2886F0DA493F802203A0186097/ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/651002589688166377/3F1903265FAF8B511320D7234C00A56F67A15F13/ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/651002589688165866/D1099243ABDFB01590DB022B1A7C087BD1B38240/ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/651002589688166846/C982884BD68DAF3BDB6869E3D926F532E40B7742/ I would like to know if these are hacked or not.
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